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San Diego’s #1 meal prep service.

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Guess what tomorrow is . . . Delivery day!!!!! Who can’t sleep cuz they so exited about food 🤩🍑🤤 . Prep to win or prepare to fail! 💞 The first step to eating healthy is cutting out all the going out to eat foods 🙅🏻‍♀️ And replacing them with home cooked (no fat and sugar added) healthy foods! Made with natural ingredients and loveeeee 🥰 #leanmachine #sandiego
When it’s Valentines but you still got goals 💞🙌🏻💪🏼! 🙋🏽‍♀️Shoutout If this is you tonight!!! #happyvalentinesday #fitcouple #cantstopwontstop
Shoutout to our athlete @jadedouglashileyfit ・・・ Can’t begin to express the love and gratitude I have for the people in my life right now including this amazing girl right here @mwooo23 ! Heart of gold, so empathetic and so humble someone that you keep close to in the industry that we are in. So thank you Marisa for being such a great friend even tho we just started getting close these last few months, so blessed ❤️ let’s kill this next season together! We got some big goals to hit but for now let’s grow and enjoy the food tonight 😋 ps : @willsage_ murdered our legs Friday (to the point my glutes were trembling) and I’m definitely still feeling the soreness. #teamleanmachine
Mmmm homemade pesto! The crappy part about buying pesto at the store is that a lot of times it’s full with preservatives and they add extra fats, trans fats, and sugars. ‼️ NO MORE ‼️ We’re taking a stand for the love of #Pesto! We make our pesto sauce with olive oil and pure fresh herbs. That’s it! No crazy sugars, no extra hidden calories, just pure leanness!!! #teamleanmachine