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The most stylish, comfy, and supportive nursing sports bras ever, made in the US high waist postpartum leggings, luxury mommy and me matching leggings.

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✨GIVEAWAY!✨ CLOSED Thank you all so much for the warm participation! So hard for us to pick just one so we picked four! Congrats @cindyrella99 @katelyntaylor12 @sharonbdaleyfit and @laurendebayle! Pls DM us to claim your and your friend’s prize!❤️ Just in! Camélia Maternity/Nursing Tank with Built-in Bra! So beautiful and versatile, a staple piece for your bump to postpartum journey. Tag a preggo or new mom friend to win a $30 store credit for both you and your friend to try this beautiful piece! Winners will be announced on Sunday before noon PST. #sweatandmilk #fitpregnancy #postpartumfitness
Happy Monday! The importance of releasing a tight pelvic floor, for everyone, not just for mamas! #Repost @thebellemethod · · · P E L V I C F L O O R R E L E A S E Did you know that kegels might be bad for you if you have a tight pelvic floor? 🤭 We don’t want to make a tense muscle even more tense. We may need to release the muscle before we can strengthen it. Signs of a tight pelvic floor can include unexplained low back or hip pain, feeling like you have to pee all the time, painful sex, constipation or pain during or after bowel movements. There is SO much to say about this topic that I wrote an article on it. Link in profile to learn more. 🔝 Here are 3 releases you can do at home: 1) WISHBONE STRETCH: This targets a deep muscle called your obturator internus. It sounds like a Transformer, but it’s a deep hip rotator that’s also part of your pelvic floor. Here you want to lift and then gently pull your legs apart like a wishbone. . 2) BUTTERFLY BREATHING: Lying on your back with soles of feet together and knees wide, inhale and visualize your pelvic floor gently opening, dropping down or “blossoming”. It’s like you’re on the ground floor and you inhale to go to the basement parking garage. Exhale back to the ground floor (no lift or “kegel”) . 3) INNER THIGH FOAM ROLL: Your adductor muscles are often tight if you have a tight pelvic floor. Releasing them as shown in the final video is a great way to release pelvic floor tension. Go slow and remember to breathe! . NOTE: It is important for people who have unresolved low back and hip problems who also have pelvic floor problems, to seek out a pelvic floor physiotherapist assessment since their pelvic floor problems may well be the reason that their low back and hip pain is not getting better. ALSO - ANYONE can develop a tight pelvic floor. You don’t need to have had children to have this issue. Men, women, teens and even children can have tension in their pelvic floors - much like you can store tension in any muscle of the body. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Here’s to pelvic health. It’s time to talk about this stuff. No more suffering silently. Please share with someone who might benefit. #pelvicfloor
Happy Sunday mamas! Who is sleeping in today? #sundaymorning #sweatandmilk
Thank you all for the enormous amount of ❤️! Can’t believe we won the gold medal of Mom’s Choice Award! We will continue to innovate and keep designing clothes to elevate new Moms’ styles and comfort, make you feel like your fabulous self again! #sweatandmilk @momschoiceawards