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The personalized children's book “Happy Birthday, Jonas” doesn’t come from a shelf – you make it yourself! 🎉 Make the perfect gift for your little birthday boy or girl at hoorayheroes.com/happy-birthday or click the link in our bio! 🎂 The first personalized copies of “Happy Birthday, Jonas” are already on their way! 🎁 In today’s hectic world, we believe there’s a little bit of magic when you sit down and read a good book together. 📚 And even better – books created with love, made one by one, that will really show some special birthday girls and boys how much someone was thinking of them. 💖 #hoorayheroes #hooraybirthday
We love that smile! 😍❤️ "If you have kids that love books or you need the perfect gift for someone @hoorayheroes books are the way to go! We finally got our " The Adventures Of Gannon and MaKenna" book in the mail. MaKenna got to pick out herself what adventures she wanted in the story so of course she picked out stuff her and her brother love to do together. MaKenna is so excited to have a book where the characters look just like her and her baby brother. This is definitely the first of many hoorayheros book we will be getting. The quality it AMAZING and its customized to look like what you want it too! ❤📚” Thank you for your kind words @katlinmhoward ❤️❤️ Click the link on the photo to get your personalized book for 2 siblings!! #hoorayheroes #proudofyoutwo
Our NEW personalized BIRTHDAY book is now available at hoorayheroes.com/happy-birthday! 🎂🎉 Your little one is perfect in their own special way, so show them this with a gift you create just for them! Making “Happy Birthday, Jonas” means putting your heart into a book. 💖 #hooraybirthday #hoorayheroes
NEW! Personalized book for the best DADDIES and their little ones! Order now at hoorayheroes.com/daddy-edition or click the link on the photo! 🧔👨 Both Dad and child will love the personalized illustrations and stories that daddy gets to choose himself. 📚 And has Dad got something in his eye, or is he actually choked up from these beautiful stories?! 💙 Thank you for sharing this sweet moment @mailynlymanm ❤️❤️ #hoorayheroes #hooraydaddy