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Benjamin Fuchs, R.Ph. The Truth Skin Treatment System.

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Many of us are addicted to sugar. And for good reason. Our brains are hard wired to seek out and endlessly indulge in the sweet stuff. The same neurological system that kicks in when were hooked on cocaine, gambling and other addictive substances and behaviors is activated by sugar. To make matters worse, sugary foods are “stealth” foods.” Their ingestion goes under our biochemical radar and we do not know we have had too much of them until it is too late! That’s why we can binge on cake and candy without feeling satisfied, until suddenly, well, we just don’t feel so good! On the other hand, if you enjoy more high-quality protein like eggs, fish, meat and sprouts, you’re not going to feel like eating as many sweets. That’s because the body can gradually convert ingested protein into sugar. And, it’s really hard to overeat protein. Your digestive system produces an appetite suppressant hormone that’s activated by protein. It’s called Cholecystokinin (CCK) and in addition to being an appetite suppressant, it also has anti-obesity effects. According to the Society of Endocrinology, very overweight people tend to have lower levels of CCK. An amino acid called glutamine can be especially effective at ending sugar cravings. Glutamine is an energy producing molecule that can be easily turned into glucose and can raise blood sugar to the point where you’re just don’t feel like indulging. Glutamine’s energizing properties are especially effective for intestinal cells and this make is a helpful supplement for folks dealing with digestive health issues such as UC, IBS or Crohn’s Disease.