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Benjamin Fuchs, R.Ph. The Truth Skin Treatment System.
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Thank you Healthy Gut Girl for sharing your experience with Truth Treatments! "I am beyond thrilled!!! I knew that Truth Treatment products were making a difference but I had no idea how big a difference. It’s been a year and I feel like my skin is going in reverse. The crows feet picture was with about 6 months of use, the décolleté picture was a year to the day! Totally reversed sun damage and THEN SOME! Going to be 50 this year, thanks Truth Treatments for helping me to grow older with grace. I USED THE RETINOL, TRUTH BALM and OMEGA 6 Healing Cream." #healthygutgirl
Thank you “Truth In Aging” for this wonderful review on Transdermal C Serum and Biomimetic Mineral Mist!
The TRUTH about Dry Skin! Dry skin is an incredibly common complaint, especially during the cold dry winter months. The first thing people do when their skin feels “dry” is slather on a moisturizer, only to have the skin feel just as dry or even DRIER as soon as the moisturizer is washed off. Why? Because dry skin isn’t a topical issue - it’s a metabolic issue. Over the next few posts, we’ll take a deep dive into the TRUTH about dry skin, and how to effectively treat this common skin and health issue. Why moisturizers don’t work: What most people experience as “dry skin” - that rough, scaly feeling skin - is actually HARD skin. Moisturizers simply soften the surface, alleviating the feeling of hardness, while doing nothing to address the underlying cause of dryness. Even the most expensive and perhaps efficacious moisturizers do little more than deposit a composite of wax, oil, glycerin, glycol emulsifier, water and preservatives to the skin surface barrier with a layer of goo which has little to do with skin “moisturization”. The TRUTH is human skin should never be dry and the condition, which dermatologists call “xerosis” that affects millions of Americans, is more than a superficial inconvenience. ...and, that's the Truth! ~Ben
8 Benefits of Mandelic Acid 1.) Anti-aging, collagen boosting, hyaluronic acid stimulating AHA 2.) Fatty Alpha Hydroxy Acid with more skin softening properties than ordinary AHAs 3.) Cross between AHA and BHA (Salicylic Acid), perfect for treating acne-prone skin 4.) Larger and fattier molecule than ordinary AHAs makes it ideal for sensitive skin types 5.) Reduces skin pigmentation 6.) Ideal AHA for Asian skin 7.) AHA of choice for rosacea patients 8.) Antibacterial properties may help improve folliculitis and other mild topical bacterial infections