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Bay area! 🌊 We are very excited to visit Northern California, at this weekend‘s @thefitexpo! Come meet the Tru family, sample our most popular products, and enjoy our special event discount.
🇪🇺🇬🇧 Love TRU and live in the U.K. or EU? 👥We have partnered with @powermyselfsupplements to now offer our supplements with faster shipping for those across the pond in UK and EU! 🗺 - 👉 If interested, head to @powermyselfsupplements and click through our TRU product selection and checkout process through their website! It’s that simple! 👌 - #trusupps #trusupplements #powermyself #europe #unitedkingdom #supplements #vegan #VeganFriendly #Plantbased #Plantpower
Ever wonder where the ingredients in your supplements are sourced from? Thank you @willy_beamen ! #Repost @willy_beamen ・・・ 💦 Good to the last drop! BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids) are the amino acids that contribute MOST directly to muscular performance and endurance. 💪🏾 BCAA’s are found in foods and veggies containing protein, with the highest concentrations in chicken, beef, salmon, and eggs. They can also be supplemented, which can be useful, because free form BCAAs (powder form) bypass the liver and stomach tissue and go directly to the blood stream.💉 Food for thought 💭 : The FDA does NOT regulate supplements in the fitness industry, therefore they can be sourced from ANYTHING. Many traditional BCAA’s can be sourced by horrible means (animal byproducts like poultry feathers🦃, hog🐖 or even human hair💇🏽‍♀️), in the effort for profits.💸 We’re happy to say our @tru_supplements BCAA’s are #vegan friendly, and sourced from plants 🌱(Sunflowerseeds to be exact), and contain ZERO artificial sweeteners, colors or animal byproducts🐓 Do the best you can, and when you know better do better. Educate yourself, and put yourself in the best position to be successful. 📞 @ Tag a friend who needs some knowledge!! #GoogleHowBcaasAreMade #WhatsInYourCup? #Eww #NowYouKnow #YoureWelcome
🌱🍓MAJOR RESTOCK Vanilla Cream & Strawberry Jam TRU Protein are back in stock and ready to ship 📦 🥤Both flavors are wonderful additions to fruit and veggie smoothies! • Are you NEW to TRU? Be sure to try out our Sampler Pack: Including 5 of our best flavors, so you can decide your favorites!