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We're proud to announce we're adding to the Stocking Crew. Who? We're not quite sure yet!But we want someone with some pep in their step and an interest in learning about the food manufacturing, wholesale, and distribution industry from the ground up. Drop us a note -
@jammyyummy is our favorite jam company specializing in savory, vegetable jams. All of their creations are all natural with no additives, preservatives or thickeners. And that’s for real folks - they don’t even use pectin. With all hands on deck, they use fresh vegetables from the orchard and slowly and methodically simmer them to bring you the unique flavor of each jam. The final product is the tastiest experience you’ll ever have with the veggie subject in each jar. ————— Available wholesale from Stocked Distribution.
STOCKED is giving away $10,000 to one budding, condiment entrepreneur that wants to launch their own food brand. We learned everything we know through starting our own brands, first with @mustardandco and now with 7 unique brands under our wings. Now, we want to share everything. Over the course of 10 weeks we’ll help you launch, guiding you along the way. We’ll help you with everything you need to sell your first batch, from space to purchasing relationships. And if you can make it through the whole 10 week course, we’ll give you 10K to keep moving forward. To learn more and start the application process, please email For those not eager to get into the condiment industry, please help us *spread* the word. @coneandsteiner, @central_coop, @kensmarket, @sfmamarkets, @uwajimaya, @little_lago, @eathomegrown, @themavenmercantile, @wildwoodwestseattle, @newseasonsmarket, @fireflykitchensseattle, @jacobsensaltco , @delaurentifoodandwine, @myballard.
Who’s up for it? Do you or someone you know want to join the team in #Ballard? #Portland too? Check out the job post at #hiring