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Have you guys heard about the new app for kids launched by @ww ? 🤨 Scary. Really, really, scary. It’s an app for kids 8-17 to track their food. 🚦Foods are color coded and apparently they’re encouraged to eat the green foods, and only a few yellow and red foods each day. It sounds harmless, and maybe even educational, but it’s hard to say. Do we really want to see children as young as 8 keeping track of their food already? 😯Childhood obesity is a real, and scary thing, but is this the solution? Probably not. I’m curious, what are your thoughts?
✨What’s your current love affair? I’ve been back on my Reese’s peanut butter kick and I’m not mad about it. After a long, busy day, there’s nothing I love more than sitting down and enjoying some PB and chocolate in peace. What’s even better? I don’t feel bad about it because counting my #macros helps me make sure I keep my chocolate 🍫 consumption under control. 🙌🏻 And when I know I only get a few pieces, I REALLY taste them you know. Or am I crazy?? Tell me I’m not crazy!! When I’m being diligent and tracking, everything tastes better!
Monday’s are hard. Monday’s are real hard when it’s the first day of school. New routines, busy schedules, and a whole lot of tired. Thank goodness for all the meal prep we did yesterday! . Pictured is my Pork Enchiladas from the Stay Fit Mom’s Favorite Recipes cookbook.👩🏻‍🍳 Macros are 34.6p, 34.9c, 11.5f 🙌🏻 . Grab the digital copy for just $12.99! All recipes have the macros listed and are already in #myfitnesspal for you to make logging easy! Link to purchase in my profile! . Our Back to School Challenge will be coming soon!! (A few more weeks to go!) I can’t wait to share the fun swag we’ll be giving away to one lucky winner each week!!👏🏻Not to mention another $500 grand prize!! Make sure you’re subscribed to our email list so you get all the details first!
Tomorrow is the first day of school around here!! Where did the time go?? #bestsummeryet . 🏕 On the blog today is our Summer 2019 Camping Adventures!! A few people asked about all the great places we visited over the summer in our tent trailer, so I now have them all in one spot. It was a summer to remember and I can’t wait to start planning our trip up through Cali, Oregon, and Washington next summer!!👏🏻 .