Solidcore is a 50-minute workout that delivers low impact, high intensity strength training for your entire body.
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Thanks to our [community], our Charity Sweat classes raised over $30,000. We couldn't have celebrated our 50th studio opening without’s to the next 50! Thank you Mayor Bowser for your continued support. We are so lucky to call DC home.
📍West Fargo — another studio on the map for North Dakota! Happy Opening Day, studio 52! . . We’ve been busy opening new studios across the country, where should we go next? 👇
📍NoMad, welcome to the family! Happy Opening Day, studio 51!
2.5 weeks ago, I was in a jet-ski accident where I suffered an open-wound compound femur fracture. In the first few hours, it was uncertain if I was going to lose my leg due to the bacteria of the water and risk of infection. It was scary. I spent 10 days in the hospital and underwent three surgeries in five days. I couldn’t eat and when I tried, often I would throw it up. I also couldn’t go to the bathroom in my own. It was a grueling 10 days and it was hard to see the forest through the hospital. I have one more surgery coming up to address the skin from the wound. We all get to choose how we see life. I have always been one to look for the growth in situations and this one is no different. Yes, I have felt anger, sadness and frustration on this journey so far and that’s ok because I have also felt happiness, joy and motivation – you can’t have the yin without the yang. It is said that suffering is pain multiplied by resistance. I am not resisting this, I will embrace it. My leg will look different after this accident because I am different. I don’t need to go back to who I was, I want to move forward to who I will become. This loving community has been instrumental in my recovery and I couldn’t be prouder to be both a contributor and a product of it. You’ll see me back on sweatlana under the blue lights in no time — and watch out, because I’m coming back with a level of focus, determination, gratitude and strength that I haven’t experienced yet. [xoxo], Anne