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Salon equipment and supply retailer located in sunny Northern California.

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Richiee | @richieelewinski . . Richiee Anguiano is a fresh voice on the hair coloring scene. He started styling at Exclusive Beauty Salon in Stockton a year ago and made a name for himself as a King of Frost. If you’ve seen his work before, it was probably a balayage, probably with a smooth icy tone, and it was definitely beautiful. Those glowing blondes and subtle pastels he’s making at his chair aren’t just the results of talent, though. That’s a skill developed over the years by someone who loved doing this enough to sacrifice a lot of free time. . Four years ago, Richiee was just starting to create ombres at home while taking cosmetology classes and working retail as a day job. He had clients who trusted him to do something amazing with their hair, and even in those early stages, he was painting some pretty spectacular stuff. He wasn’t just styling at home. He was putting himself out there. Finding photo shoots to style on, and to meet other stylists he admired, learning and doing everything he could to push himself forward. Then he got licensed, found a chair to rent, and kept pushing himself out there. He submitted to One Shot, experimented with clients and refined his painting until he decided it was time to take that final leap and start doing what he loved full time. But for someone who works as hard as Richiee, with that level of skill, that’s not a leap of faith; it’s just a commitment to the craft. . . It didn’t take long for his work to make an impact. Within half a year stylists were asking him to teach a class on blonde balayage, so he started sharing what he knew. Now, rolling into 2019, he’s getting ready to teach a class on icy balayage. His career as a professional stylist might still be young, but he’s an expert in his own right, teaching classes and collaborating with the best of them. And no matter how good his stuff looks now, it’s exciting to watch him push ahead and know that his best work is still ahead of him. . . Good Night, SalonGuys - Luke
King Of Frost... @richieelewinski
REPOST | @josievilay . . ✈️GIVEAWAY TIME ✈️ To all my Hairstylists! This one is for all the go getters, hustlers, baby momma or baby momma drama! . I’ve been reflecting a lot about my life the last 5 years it only started last summer when I realized “man ... I’m turning 30!” . I remember like 8 years ago when my friends asked me to go to Vegas & I was so damn broke & working 12 hour shifts just to make 5 - 600.00 paycheques. My friend offered to lend me money and I think we both knew it was going to take a hellaaaa long time to pay it off. I was in so much debt it took my 3 years! (god bless his soul)That year was probably the worse year of my life financially. We all struggle, we’ve all been in that dark place where we just want to give up! . Looking at where I’ve come, from borrowing money to go on my first trip to now jet setting across the world (I pinch myself everyday) The truth is we all struggle, your not alone. We struggle to say no to that last client hoping it will make a difference in our paycheques! . This year is ALL about GIVING back! I’ve teamed up with @fanola to do that! . How to WIN this ISSE GIVEAWAY: 1️⃣ Must Follow @josievilay @hairologystudio_ @fanola 2️⃣ Enter your email in the link provided in myBIO 3️⃣Tag 3 Friends in this post 4️⃣ Repost this Giveaway in your IG stories 5️⃣ ❌most important ❌ I want to HEAR your story! Write a post on your IG feed along with a story of a struggle or set back you had & #JosieVilayISSE (so that I can hear your story) . Contest ends Sunday January 13 2019 @ 12:00AM Winner will be chosen by Wednesday January 16 @ 9PM Central . Please follow the rules !
Sammi Wang’s perfect artwork! @sammiiwang