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The Official Jump Rope of USA Boxing and The Official Jump Rope of USA Wrestling. Shop cutting-edge CrossFit cable jump ropes & gym accessories. Browse our wide selection of gym equipment for the functional fitness athlete today!
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Looking Monday straight in the eye! @laurenfisher // 📸 @doooker #rxsmartgear #elevateyourfitness #mondaymotivation
Weekend workout with @_charihawkins that will get you feeling sweaty, tired, and will strengthen all those mini muscles that we need! 5, 10, 15, 20, 25... how many can you get up to? . Jump rope also helps with mental training and coordination. It’s so dang good for you! . Do you ever jump rope? It’s such a good cross train! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! . . #trackgirl #trackandfield #jumprope #weekendworkout #workout #workoutvideo
Amber has been a part of of @crossfitpoiupu kids program for almost 2 years now. — She is amazing, strong, and always ready for a challenge. This year she is joining in our fundraising efforts. — Take a look and let’s pump her fundraising page. Link in her bio to donate: @amberrbaxter 🙌🏽 — #Repost @ultimatehawaiiantrailrun #uhtr #uhtr2019 #racewithpurpose #kealakids #GIVE
Rx Fan Photo Friday brought to you by @toughtraining ・・・ Why runners should jump rope... . 1️⃣Improves athletic performance. There is a reason why elite boxers, tennis players and some of the best athletes in the world use jump rope training regularly: it delivers. This training tool can help you boost agility, balance, speed, and coordination, helping your become the best runner (and athlete) you can be. 2️⃣Iron Calves. As a runner, the rope will help build endurance and strength in your calves—one of the most important of all running muscles. Powerful calves can help you run further and faster while reducing the risks of injury. 3️⃣Increased Speed. The rope can also help you increase your running speed by training your legs to decrease ground contact time, helping you be light on your feet, and boosting stride frequency. . 4️⃣Pass a Plateau. The rope can come in handy especially if you have hit a plateau or just to want to change things up with your daily running routine. As a result, this tool can be a great alternative training tool to boost your energy, strength, speed and athletic performance without running more. . #toughlife #toughtraining #livethetoughlife #runner #trailrunner #trailrunning #jumprope #doubleunders #garageworkout #garagewod #spartanrace #spartantraining #ocr #ocrtraining #alteregorunning #rxsmartgear #elevateyourfitness *Points from runnersblueprint.com