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Our expert team at NS includes NASM certified weight loss specialists, celebrity trainers, and sports scientists. Combined, we’ve worked with over 30,000 clients and learned a thing or two about shredding fat or improving one’s physique.

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Donuts and abs...we made it a thing💪🏼🍩 ⠀ #Repost @wwefandango ・・・ Really appreciate @chriscavallini motivational IG ! Also @nutritionsolutions is 🔥 as well ! #practicewhatyoupreach 👊 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #shreddedphysique #wwe #mealprep
💡Did you know?💡 ⠀ All inflammation isn’t bad. Inflammation is the bodies way of saying “Hey we need blood & nutrients here!” The body will become inflamed when it needs healing against an injury or infection. Inflammation becomes bad when it is chronic. Chronic inflammation can lead to heart diseases, arthritis and poor gut health. One way to be sure you’re keeping your inflammatory response in check is by taking in cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, kale, broccoli, sprouts etc! ⠀ 📸Here: Satay Chicken Noodle Salad ⠀ This hearty stay chicken noodle salad has lean grilled chicken strips tossed in a homemade signature Thai peanut sauce. Accompanied by perfectly wok cooked Locke in noodles, with a side of cabbage carrot slaw to match! ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #nutritionsolutions #mealprep #foodie #fitfam #fitcouple
On the go on the weekends? Need an idea for a grab and go breakfast? Give these a try!💪🏽🔥 ⠀ 4 Healthy Breakfast Options In A Pinch ⠀ If you lead a busy life and tend to get hungry in the morning, skipping breakfast is about the last thing you want to do. Otherwise, you can expect to get a bit “hangry” and irritable, not to mention, lacking energy for the busy day ahead. Rather than skipping breakfast altogether or reaching for something at the local convenience store, try these healthy breakfast alternatives. ⠀ Greek yogurt needs no introduction since it’s jam-packed full of high quality protein coming in at over 20 grams per serving. That’s without mentioning the healthy probiotics yogurt provides. But alone, Greek yogurt can be a bit boring. Try adding some light fruit like raspberries, blackberries and even blueberries for flavor and a boatload of antioxidants. ⠀ Oatmeal has been a health breakfast staple since fitness became mainstream, but it can often be bland and even time consuming to make. Instead, try making overnight “proatmeal” for a quick protein breakfast. Simply combine ingredients like quick oats, milk (of any variety), whey and even fruit in a mason jar, mix and seal overnight in the fridge. By morning, you’ll have a healthy, high protein breakfast on the go. ⠀ If you’re looking for something to satisfy those cravings but need something fast, protein donuts, such as Nutrition Solutions “Pro-Nuts” is the way to go. Apart from tasting like the real thing, these pro-nuts provide loads of high quality protein from whey and egg to keep you full and satisfied through the morning without blowing your diet. ⠀ Hardboiled eggs are the most obvious and easiest choice for breakfast on the go. Packing upwards of 7 grams of protein and high quality fat in each egg, you simply can’t ask for a better protein option if you’re pressed for time. Try adding your favorite low-calorie seasoning to spice things up. ⠀ #fitness #tips #onthego #makemoves #swole
Our new Whole Food Pancake recipe has the same great whole food ingredients like egg 🥚 whites, whey protein 🐄, fresh fruit 🍌 and whole wheat 🌾 flour. The only difference is the texture! Same macros, same great taste but even fluffier!☁️🌞🥞 ⠀ We’ve been able to tweak our recipes on many dishes through trial and error, our weekly menu tasting, and most importantly client feedback! The NS family thanks you guys for your honest feedback good and bad it is only constructive!🙌🏼 ⠀ How’d you guys like our new and improved fluffy Red Velvet Protein Pancakes??😍 COMMENT BELOW!📲 ⠀ ⠀ #nutrition #mealprep #protein #ingredients #foodie ⠀