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April is the month of Distracted Driving Awareness 🚖 Do you guys know what's cognitive and visual tunneling? Scientists say that using a cell phone while driving can lead to cognitive and visual tunneling. That’s the mental state in which your #brain focuses on one thing, and as a result, it doesn’t see other relevant data. In other words, you focus on your phone, not on the road situation. Improved contextual (driving) awareness allows you to filter out the relevant from the irrelevant which minimizes your chances of becoming trapped by unimportant details. Calls or messages that could be answered later for example 📲 . That’s why we believe that automotive HUDs help to keep this contextual awareness. You view directions, phone alerts on the head-up display and keep your eyes on the road at the same time. Read our blog on @medium to learn more in case you’re curious. And drive safely! #hudway #dashcam #crush #carcrush #driving
Inspiration. That’s not only a nice pic — that’s the example how you, guys, can customize your driving experience. Look at these dashboard widgets: GPS #speedometer, clock, weather, #ETA, compass, eco-driving index 🌱 and more. The widgets will be available on HUDWAY Drive app. Waiting ✊🏻 . #hudwaydrive #dash #headupdisplay #carspotted
News from the UK, guys — phones detectors are to be used by police to find drivers using devices at the wheel. The detector picks up 2G, 3G and 4G signals and will therefore flash to alert people in cars who are using phones to call, text or data. If people are using a #Bluetooth hands-free device, the detector will recognize this and not flash (so we definitely need HUDWAY Drive on board! 🙌🏻) The technology cannot distinguish if a passenger or a driver of a vehicle is using a phone and so the sign will be activated regardless of who is using the mobile. One more step to road safety. We believe in the future of HUD technologies. The source: @bbcnews #hudwaydrive #roadsafety #drivesafely #uknews
Have you ever invested? We’ve launched our 1st equity crowdfunding campaign on @startenginela If you guys believe in the future of HUD and ADAS solutions (as we do) so you’re welcome 🙌🏻 HUDWAY #business model is selling hardware products to customers through the ever-expanding user base. Additionally, we are thriving through e-commerce channels and local distribution partners as well as licensing solutions to B2B partners. You can become a shareholder and join our venture towards new products and innovations. Invest here: #hudway #shareholder #investing #crowdfunding