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High Speed Gear for High Speed Parents. Veteran Owned and Operated.
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Working hard, or hardly working? . It's actually a little bit of both. . Running a business is a full-time job, and so is being a stay-at-home Dad. Since I can't spend all day staring at a screen, making calls, or replying to e-mails, I have to work much more efficiently. . Do you ever notice how work expands to the amount of time you dedicate to it even when the workload stays the same? . When I look back I’m always surprised what I can accomplish when I set a clock for myself, or when I wait until the last minute to start something with a rapidly approaching deadline. . Constraint leads to creative problem solving, but more importantly it allows me to stay FOCUSED. This helps me get things checked off the list. . How do YOU stay on track throughout the day? . #productivityhacks #stayathomedad #worklifebalance #workhard #worksmart #highspeeddaddy
LittleMan is already off to kindergarden this year, and I can’t believe how fast the kids are turning into full-sized adults. . Next thing you know the baby will be helping me change my own diapers while the grandkids are heading off to college 🤦🏻♂ . Realizing how quickly these past few years have gone by is just a reminder to me how important every single moment is. . I’ll admit, being around my family all the time I sometimes take it for granted, but when I step back and take a look at everything, I’m the luckiest guy I know. . #highspeeddaddy #begratefuleveryday #familyfirst
You might have seen me hitting the gym at the crack of dawn these past few weeks. You might also be thinking, "why the hell is he getting up so early for this?" . I have that same thought every time I turn off my alarm in the morning. So why am I getting up so early when I could simply just move some things around during the day? . Because I want to maintain it. . I want to incorporate my workouts into my existing routine until it becomes second nature. And if I'm constantly moving things around, shifting my priorities, putting it second, it's never going to come first. . A habit doesn't require a lot of thought or intention, a habit is something your body just wants to do. And the great thing about great habits is that they don't leave any room for excuses. . I don't want to be a guy who makes excuses, I want to be the guy that shows up every day for my family. . So with that said, let's do this. 👊🏻 . #gymmotivation #mindsetshift #sendit #highspeeddaddy #everydaycarry #edcgear
How was HighSpeedDaddy founded? . Well, I was first introduced into the world on a dark fall afternoon in 1981… just kidding 😂 . Some of you might know the story of how I went from working as a product engineer and member of the military, to a stay-at-home Dad while building a business on the side. If you want to hear more about it, you need to check out last week’s episode of the ecomhub podcast with my good friend @tomdotcom.ig . . We covered everything from starting a business, doing the product research, transitioning from the 9-to-5, and overcoming our desire for everything to be perfect, all while raising a family with two young children (now 3) at the same time! . Check it out at ecomhub.com/podcasts 😎 . #entrepreneurtips #highspeeddaddy #buildingabusiness #podcastlife