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Meet Jerilyn! Jerilyn is my good friend who is working for/with me this summer. Or maybe I’m working for her?! She came in, saw my chaotic system and was basically like “No. This ain’t gonna work.” Then today she showed up with her label maker and is determined to get us done good and organized in here... and I’m just along for the ride! I told her the only thing I absolutely can not tolerate is a misspelling on any of the labels. (Former English teacher problems!) Also can we talk about how freaking great it is that her LABEL MAKER IS LABELED?! This is Inception style label making over here. Wow we’re living a wild life! We’ve got more behind the scenes in our stories if labels on labels on labels is your thang. (And don’t forget code SHIPFREE gets you free shipping through the weekend! 🎉)
A series of shots in which I am wearing my favorite earrings and necklace of allllll time. Kya necklace and earrings got me pretty sure I don’t need any other jewelry for the rest of my life ever. The Kya earrings are live in our shop (link in profile and in stories). They have a higher price point because they cost more for us to make- makes sense right? The Kya charms are the most costly jewelry part we buy so it means the final products are more expensive as well but trust me they are WORTH. IT. Also 14k gold filled hooks means your ears won’t feel irritated or turn colors. And code SHIPFREE will get you free shipping through Saturday. Can’t wait for you to all get these babies and rock them all summer 😍 (Also do I look happy? I’m happy ❤️❤️❤️)
Kya earrings are here! By far my favorite pair of earrings I’ve ever made which makes sense because the Kya necklace is by far my favorite necklace I’ve ever made! 🤷‍♀️ I am usually not a fan of overly matchy jewelry but these earrings and necklace together are unbeatable! I like to vary the size is all- if you have the small necklace I recommend the large earrings and if you have the large necklace I recommend the small earrings. In the second picture you can see me wearing both the large Kya necklace and large earrings. Kya for life! And if you’ve already bought a necklace I KNOW you don’t want to pay for shipping again so shipping is on me! 🛳 🛳 🛳 code SHIPFREE will get these on their way to you with no shipping costs! Link in profile or in stories
Wait it’s not?! (Pc: @mytherapistsays)