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Healing from the inside, out 💞 ・・・ Sarah's Day Body Bloom, a delicious inner-health & beauty powder that promotes beautiful skin, nails and hair, along with supporting digestive wellbeing. • With a unique skin enhancement formula that contains powerful collagen-supporting superfoods such as amla fruit powder, grapeseed extract and sea buckthorn, the beauty promoting benefits continue! • These antioxidant and anthocyanin-rich superfoods work in synergy to help support collagen production and provide protection from free radical damage; both of which are essential for beautiful hair, skin and nails. • We also have your back (or belly?) when it comes to gut health! Body Bloom contains a powerful combination of both prebiotics and probiotics and is a good source of beneficial bacteria. • The prebiotics and probiotics are a powerful combination of fibre, resistant starch and a fermented blend to help feed good gut bacteria and promote a comfortable digestive system. You'll never want to take this out of your daily routine again! ・・・ 📸 @sarahh_jayy loving her new goodies ・・・ 🚩SHOP TROPEAKA NOW - LINK IN BIO☝🏽 🛫 WORLDWIDE SHIPPING 🌏 ・・・ #tropeaka • #bodybloom #sarahsday #immunity #superfoods
Feeling tip top with choc chips 👅 ・・・ ▫ 1/2 cup @tropeaka vanilla lean protein ▫ 1/2 cup cashews ▫ 1/2 cup almond meal ▫ 1/2 cup coconut flour ▫ 1/8 tsp salt ▫ 1/2 tsp cinnamon ▫ 1/4 cup rice malt syrup ▫ 1/2 cup nut butter ▫ 1/4 cup coconut oil, melted ▫ 1/3 cup choc chips or cacao nibs ・・・ 🔸️ Lean Protein is a super healthy option for those looking for a scientific approach to help them tone and build lean muscle! • It's a complete, nourishing whole protein, which contains bioavailable protein sources from golden yellow peas, sprouted activated brown rice and the once-hidden secret of the Amazon, Sacha Inchi, a wholefood protein full of minerals, omega 3,6, 9 and fibre, that has been used by indigenous Peruvian communities for centuries for staying healthy. • This delicious tasting protein is easily digestible, non-bloating and perfectly balanced, with a full amino acid profile, providing what’s necessary for tissue building and repair, while also providing a powerful approach to muscle recovery. ・・・ 📸 fave @thrivingonplants giving us the goods ・・・ 🚩SHOP NOW - LINK IN BIO 🌏 WORLWIDE SHIPPING ・・・ #tropeaka • #proteinballs #chocolatechips #blissballs #plantbased
French toast satisfies us most 😏 ・・・ Our 100% natural Tropical Ebony Spoons are beautifully handcrafted from the ebony hardwood grown in the tropical climates of South East Asia! • Each spoon is made from sustainable sources of timber and goes through a process of being cut, cleaned, sanded and finished with a food-grade organic, virgin coconut oil. • They are the perfect companion for the Tropeaka Coconut Bowl. Brighten up any meal with the bowl and spoon combo, and bring your smoothie bowls, salads, soups, curries, noodle dishes and meals alive! • They're also great in photography, and a must have for anyone showing off their food creations on social media! • Each spoon is hand crafted with love, and due to the authentic nature of the ebony timber, each spoon is 100% unique with it's own colour, design, pattern and look ・・・ 📸 perfect brekky spread by @sydneyveganfoodgirl ・・・ 🚩SHOP TROPEAKA NOW - LINK IN BIO☝🏽 🛫 WORLDWIDE SHIPPING 🌏 ・・・ #tropeaka • #breakfast #frenchtoast #nicecream #plantbased
On Wednesdays we *eat pink 💕 ・・・ ▫ 2 tbsp @tropeaka vanilla pump protein ▫ 3 frozen bananas ▫ handful frozen raspberries ▫ topped with granola, choc sauce, and raspberries 🤤 ・・・ 🔸️Our great tasting Pump Proteins are healthy and alkaline which makes them the perfect weapon to achieve your fitness goals. • The sustained-release formula provides an ongoing source of protein to help build lean muscle, while powering up your workouts to a whole new level! • Sweetened naturally and without artificial flavours, the Pump Protein is the ideal option for a hungry appetite as it helps you stay satisfied and fuller for longer! • This high-quality protein is easily digestible and non-bloating, allowing the broad spectrum of amino acids to contribute to the growth of lean muscle mass and recovery! • Our protein is hypoallergenic and is free from dairy, gluten, lactose and wheat making it a great alternative for those with allergies or food sensitivities. ・・・ 📸 gorgeous creation by @nadiaeves ・・・ 🚩SHOP NOW - LINK IN BIO 🌏 WORLWIDE SHIPPING ・・・ #tropeaka • #nicecream #raspberry #dessert