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A lot of people didn’t realize we restocked one of our most popular colors for the last time yesterday. Our original olive heart booty leggings are similar to the new forest green color just a few shades lighter. There are still some of these in stock, they won’t be back again. www.tilyoucollapse.com #restock #newrelease #olive #olivegreen #forestgreen
21 new items. Limited edition and amazing. Get what you like before it’s gone. . www.tilyoucollapse.com . 💁🏼‍♀️ @carleesangelfit 💁🏻‍♀️ @0lga.ward 🎥 @themattkrieg #newrelease #limitededition #workoutvideo #leggingsaddict #video #scrunch #heartbooty
OUR BIGGEST RELEASE IN HISTORY IS LIVE!! 21 new items!! . We are grateful for each and every one of you. Thank you. Did you get what you wanted?! Let us know below. www.tilyoucollapse.com #newrelease #live #go #limitededition #culture
BIGGEST RELEASE IN TYC HISTORY in 4hrs! 12pm pacific time!! . PLEASE WATCH THIS WHOLE VIDEO AND LISTEN TO IT, AND READ THIS WHOLE CAPTION. . Our Ceo @briannabavi was a overweight kid that got made fun of. He lost 70lbs and has been bodybuilding for 22yrs. He’s been there, he knows what it feels like. The physical and mental struggle. Here is a live video he took yesterday speaking from the heart, passionately about what he believes in. Not scripted, live real as can be. The full thing is still on our story, you can watch it. . He wanted to create a brand that truly empowered everyone of all shapes and sizes. Made you all look good and feel good. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. We don’t just say that, we truly believe it. . @kaylee.squats Is one of our models and she wears sizes l/xl. She’s been working hard and has lost 40-50lbs and looks amazing. We remember when we first met her how she told us our leggings, were the only ones that made her feel truly confident and look good. Now she is standing in the middle of the street making a video in a sports bra, looking beautiful and confident. That means the world to us. That is what we are about! We are so proud of her and grateful to have her on our team. . This is what our culture is!! Along with giving it your all 100% every damn day Til You Collapse. Whatever your goals may be. Fitness, business, life. If you do that everyday for a long time, you will reach your goals. . We don’t just talk about these things, we live, breath, bleed, and sweat them. With everything we have! Didn’t know what Til You Collapse was about? Hopefully now you have a better idea. Love you guys and we are more grateful for all of you more than you know. www.tilyoucollapse.com #weempowerwomen #real #culture #whatweareabout #realrecognizereal