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Healthy Skin from the Outside In Harvest Garden. Skincare you can trust. Handcrafted with REAL ingredients. Toxic Free.
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It’s so important to understand what is in the products we put ON our skin. But how are we meant to know whats in our products when it feels like we need a chemistry degree to understand it! 👩🏼‍🔬 So here is our quick run down of how to actually read an ingredient label 👇🏼. . 1. Ingredients are listed in descending order (so the largest amount first down to lowest amount). . ❗️Just be aware that if the front of the label suggests that the product contains “organically sourced green tea from the Himalayan mountains guaranteed to diminish your wrinkles” and yet it appears as the last ingredient, chances are there’s not a lot of that ingredient in the product to even have an effect ❗️ . 2. Look out for ingredients in disguise. Many companies use the word “fragrance” or “parfum” as an ingredient and this doesn’t sound too offensive, does it?. ❗️However, this is actually a preservative or a mixture of chemicals – so in my opinion it should actually say “harsh toxic mix of 100’s of chemical” but that wouldn’t sell products.❗️. . 3. And finally, if you see any of the ingredients listed in the image it’s best to put the bottle down and run 🏃🏽‍♀️😨. . We suggest you screenshot these list of ingredients as your shopping guide as a quick refresher! 🙌🏼🌈💗
#REALTALK @allthingsnatty ・・・ 🌸The other week I picked up these Bath Cubes from a local Chemist (and some Lemongrass + Patchouli Bath Salts but haven't tried them yet!!), they are fragranced with natural Essential Oils and so much better for my sensitive skin !!👌🏼🥀🌸🌿 . So, I got to use them the other day and oh my - your skin smells and feels absolutely AMAZING afterwards!!!!!🧖‍♀️🥀🥀🥀. .🥀 This is their Rose Geranium - but there are other scents available too! - and they also contain Sweet Almond Oil, Goats Milk Powder + Pink Clay. Oh and just one of the two cubes does a bath very easily, so there is a spare for another future 'self care' day!!!🌿🌸🛁❣✌🏼
Welcome to the team @priceline_ulladulla 🙌🏼 Thanks for letting us pamper & educate you tonight on our amazing range of products. If you’re in Ulladulla check out our range in store now 💛
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