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Looking for an #OutdoorWorkout to really heat things up?!🙋🏻‍♀️ Try this one by SteelFit® Athlete @caseysamsel_bikini and you won't be disappointed!!😎 . #Repost @caseysamsel_bikini ・・・ Conditioning was 🔥 yesterday! Here is what I did! Have yourself some fun and don’t sell yourself short! Give it everything you’ve got! First, fuel up with a scoop of STEEL PUMP. Steel Pump will give you a thermogenic, fat burning rush that pairs perfectly with a workout like this! 1️⃣Tri-set: •step ups with drive up through toe 10x each leg •box jumps with squat pulse 10x •using @steelfitusa training band, plank with kickbacks 5x each leg right into 5 push-ups! REPEAT 3 TIMES FAST⚡️ 2️⃣Tri-Set: •burpees into slow negative pull-ups 5x •hanging crunches variation (tuck, legs out, side) 20 total •glute/ham extensions into jump squat 10x - use pole or bar in order to set back into the exercise before exploding upward REPEAT 3 TIMES FAST⚡️ 3️⃣Superset: •side step up onto block 5x then right into step up onto box with lunge 5x each leg •hip abductions with band 10x each leg at once or 20x with both legs REPEAT 3 TIMES FAST⚡️ • • • For any @steelfitusa products or workout accessories, use code CASEY for a nice discount!
Because who doesn’t want #bunsofsteel?🍑😜 Happy #humpday🐫 from your SteelFit® Fam! . #Repost @ironprincessfit ・・・ Get that peach right 🍑💪🏼 No doubt that these two topical creams are my holy grails & not a single work out is done without them all over me 🔥Code NOVAFIT for a discount + free ship 😋 (stackable with any other promotional codes)!
#TipTuesday: Feeling the Hot Summer Heat?☀️ Time to Order the @steelfitusa Limited Edition Summer Vibes T-Shirt or Crop Top!😎 . Shop Now at — these Shirts are only $12.95!🤑
Congratulations to SteelFit® Ambassador @mwooo23 for earning her IFBB Bikini 👙 Pro Card this weekend at NPC Junior Nationals in Chicago, IL!🏆💜 . Marisa, we are so proud of you... but more importantly, we admire your Hard Work and Daily Dedication — truly an Inspiration! YOU ARE #STEELFIT!💯🙌