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Snuggle Me the MN made sensory lounger for baby. We've been snuggling darling babes since 2007

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GENTLE DISCIPLINE SERIES. DAY 3. 2-3 years. How to handle the "Do-It-Myself" stage. Teaching our children to manage themselves is our supreme goal as it leads to lifelong SELF-discipline. Around the 2 year mark, baby starts to be able to verbally communicate more effectively and so we move away from distracting and begin to give choices and explain the why behind what we are asking. This age comes with an intense desire to do things on their own. We must give them controlled successes in order to build their confidence in their decision making abilities. For example, in our house, if they want to eat ice cream for breakfast we explain why its not the best idea and say, "We don't eat ice cream for breakfast. That will make you feel sick. You don't want to feel sick, do you?" . We then allow them to be in control and we say, "so, which would you like? Eggs or oatmeal?" Sometimes you need to go over this several times. "No. Ice cream will not make you feel good. Do you want to have energy to run and play? Then you can choose to eat eggs or oatmeal." . When they choose oatmeal, we say, "good choice! That will make you feel good." This conversation is on-going through nearly every area of their little life. They are learning the internal dialog that takes place in order to learn how to make good decisions. They must also be allowed freedom to explore their own limits so they can learn for themselves what is right for them and what is not. Letting them climb the ropes at the park that makes a little afraid is good! Encourage them and don't nervously watch over. Tell them to go for it! Of course don't let them do something actually dangerous, then you need to revert back to explaining consequences and giving choices.🙌 . Tomorrow we will take a look at temper tantrums and how to gently handle those without throwing one ourselves. We are in this together guys! 💪 HOW DO YOU HANDLE THE DO-IT MYSELF STAGE? @chelseatasker #snugglemeorganic #snuggleme #babylounger #mindful #mindfulness #village #community #motherhood #discipline #adorable #sweetest #parenthood #babygear
Summer Snuggle Me No Bag Sale starts now! All loungers are 30% off. Includes any lounger with any cover choice (excludes travel bag)! Code: NOBAG30 SHOP now Tag a mama who needs this deal! . . @sareish . #snugglemeorganic #snuggleme #babylounger #mindful #mindfulness #village #adorable #sweetest #parenthood #babygear #babystuff #adorable #sweetest #darling #organic #natural #babygear
GENTLE DISCIPLINE SERIES. DAY 2. Beginning discipline, under 2. This age here, when babies become mobile and begin their journey into exploring the world, is the most precious. How you interact and react to their exploration has a huge impact on their confidence and behavior. The bond you have formed is now baby's guide. They will always want to come back to feeling safe and feeling that you are happy with them. This is their first emotional experience with "right" and "wrong". Babies begin to explore or experiment with behaviors or actions and do not at first realize there are things you would not approve of. The most natural way to ease into discipline is to distract and remove baby. When baby reaches for a plant while crawling, gently pick up baby and move on to something else. If it repeats, move the plant. Babies are unable to be reasonable at this young age and it is not worth the frustration for them or you to try to get them to not touch the plant. Another good technique is to ignore and downplay a behavior. When your 15 month old experiments and hits you for example, do not react aside from gently saying no and distracting by looking out a window for cars or bugs etc. If they try it out again, remember that these behaviors are testing reactions and will not stick if they get none. If it presists, say "ow" and frown a little, but then say, "gentle", rub his hand and smile while saying gentle. But do not get trapped into a game of reaction changes or the behavior may come up over and over. Remember, baby wants to feel connected to you above all else so too strong of a disapproval can scare and confuse them. They may not know how to find their way back to your approval. Make coming back to feeling "right", easy for them, especially before the age of 2. There will be behaviors that are absolutely not ok, like running down the driveway, grabbing a cup of hot coffee etc where a swift "no" and removable are necessary. These emergency times are where I would reserve the word "no" for. What has worked for you at this age? Let's chat about it! . . @this.little.wandering . #snugglemeorganic #snuggleme #motherhood #fatherhood
GENTLE DISCIPLINE SERIES. DAY 1. We are exploring the ideas of gentle discipline for a few days starting with the foundational 0-1 year period. 🙌 Gentle discipline, in my opinion, is the art of shaping your child's behavior not by punishment but by reconnection and a desire in them to want to feel right and connected. It is built on a foundation of trust, love and a feeling of security. This relationship begins at birth and is based on the connection that is formed between baby and parents. All other years of discipline will come back to this time and bond that is begun here. Ideas to deepen your baby bond: 1. Bathe with baby. 2. Watch baby in detail while they nurse or take a bottle. 3. Sing and talk to baby. 4. Wear baby in a sling. 5. Skin to skin. 6. Let baby sleep in your arms. 7. Sleep with or very near your baby. What would you add? What questions do you have? Tomorrow, we will start on 1-2 years which is where the fun begins and where I find myself with our youngest now.❤ . . @lifebesideacre . . #snugglemeorganic #babylounger #mindful #mindfulness #village #community #babies #bonding #postpartum #newborn #motherhood #fatherhood #parenthood #babystuff #adorable #sweetest #darling #organic #natural #simplelife