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Snuggle Me the MN made sensory lounger for baby. We've been snuggling darling babes since 2007
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Our children are woven into everything we do here. We make space for them. Do you work alongside your children? Do you see it as an enormous blessing? @sunnyjonesphoto #snugglemeorganic
Letter to our Snuggle Me Families, We had an emotional conversation about you this past week. And it has stuck with me. How could we ever give back what you’ve given, I am not sure. I remember the smile in your eyes during times we were so new and nervous. The kindness in your messages on our milestones. The encouragement and support that pours out now daily and I feel almost unworthy of such a gift. I want you to understand that this place of appreciation and gratitude is what I create from. It’s where we all work out of day in and day out, striving to give back to you in all the ways we can. So thank you friends. We are grateful.🙏🏼Mia and Team . 👉🏻👉🏻WHEN DID YOU FIRST LEARN ABOUT SNUGGLE ME? I’d love to hear your story ❤️ 3 comments chosen to receive a Snuggle Me cover . Customer Appreciation Week is on🙌🏻 Use code: THANKYOU20 for 20% off your order❤️ . . @j_williams920 . #snugglemeorganic
GIVEAWAY. The LINEN Collection is coming friends. Featured here is the cover Coast, name chosen by @samanthabrancato (please DM for your prize love!) Tonight we’re giving away a Snuggle Me Organic in Coast Linen to you and a friend. 5 others will be chosen to receive a Coast cover. To Enter: Follow: @snuggle_me_organic @mia_carr_ Tag friends below. If chosen both you and your tag buddy will win a Snuggle Me Organic in Coast Linen. 5 others chosen to receive a cover only. Bonus entry for announcing the giveaway in stories❤️ . Closes Jan 15th. Good luck! . //Linen Collection launches Jan 27th. These covers are GOTS certified organic and will come in infant sizes only at first// @tori_chappell #babylove #snugglemeorganic #baby #babyfever
Yes mama, you can be fierce. You can be you. You can be all things you were and more. Just take it slow and be gentle with your process.❤️ @adorebe . #snugglemeorganic #yogi #yoga #yogalife #postpartum #yogagirl #yogainspiration