Snuggle Me
Snuggle Me the MN made sensory lounger for baby. We've been snuggling darling babes since 2007
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GIVEAWAY. {TWO WINNERS} My brother and I have started a business called @lulea_co coming this winter and I am beyond excited! Logan came to me last year and said he had an idea called, “rad idea number one.” I listened as he sketched on a napkin a picture of a rocker he wanted to make from Baltic birch and organic fabrics. After months of prototypes, we should see the final model in the next week and so tonight we are celebrating! Giving away a Snuggle Me Organic prize package to TWO of you tonight! Prize includes: -Snuggle Me Organic -Snuggle Me Toddler -Infant Puddle pad -3 pack of organic swaddles TO ENTER: follow @lulea_co and give the new feed some love ❤️ Tag friends below as your entry . Thank you guys for all your support! @dicolaaa #snugglemeorganic #motherhood #babyfever #aforable #organic
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Tummy time in the Snuggle Me is easier on baby, especially in the first few months. The lounger pulls in around them and supports their full body and also provides a gentle angle for their back. You can start tummy time with baby in the Snuggle Me as young as 1 week of age. Do so in small time spans a few times a day, gradually increasing over time. Stop if baby gets fussy. ❤️ . 👉🏻👉🏻Tag someone who needs a Snuggle Me! One tag chosen to receive a Snuggle Me Organic. . #snugglemeorganic #tummytime #babylounger #motherhood @sunnyjonesphoto
I prayed for you. But not a proper, timid prayer. It was an aching, raging prayer. A pleading with my face to the floor through swollen eyes kind of prayer. A prayer I screamed, and a prayer I cursed while your brothers and sisters fell through me. Yes child, you may never know how hard I prayed for you. But I prayed deep and I prayed raw. And here you are. My baby. {EXPANDED} I have prayed for my children countless times, I see the sayings on wall decor and it makes it feel primary. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never prayed for my children quietly. It’s always been a pleading. It’s always been a bargaining. Prayers for our children seem to come from a primal place of yearning. Like, God, don’t you dare. God, I don’t know how I’ll walk through this. And when those babies slip through our grasp, never being held in our arms or we lay them down for the last time, there’s a falling down and breaking, a shattering of ourselves that burns. The pain sears us and there’s no comfort. And the prayers turn loud and angry. They turn hard and broken. But they keep coming. We keep shouting them on our knees. Then God shows up and delivers. That baby cries and we’re back together. Not the same as before, but stronger. And a new prayer comes out, no words now just a great long breathing. A shaking, grateful, uncontrollable hallelujah. Baby you made it home. . Words: @mia_carr_ Pic: @shannonsutch #snugglemeorganic #organic #motherhood #postpartum #babyfever #prayer