Period care without the toxins, chemicals, or wrappers you throw away every month. Natural. Simple. Essential. Just like Saalt. #passthesaalt
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Distributing cups is only part of our efforts, we also work to remove barriers for menstruators, eg how can you use a period cup if you don’t have access to a bathroom or easy access to water? We create pilot programs and teach community members how to use and help others adopt a cup. We are so grateful for our charity partners and Saalt community for being a part of making sustainable period care an option for everyone! PC: @herinternational
Many time we compare our weaknesses to other people’s strengths. WHY?! What an unfair game to play. Comparison is the thief of joy. Swim in your own lane. Look forward, not to the sides. Here is to you living your best life, we cheer for you today tomorrow and every day. Live your element. PERIOD. Photographer: @lindseystewartphotography #passthesaalt #zerowaste #cupin #cupuser #periodpositive #saaltco #saalt #periodcup
Show us how you shake it! Join our digital dance party today on stories #saaltshaker 🧂 🎉 if you know someone who can move it move it, TAG THEM BELOW!!! 😁💃🏻!! #saaltco #moveit #passthesaalt #cupin
B is for better! Saalt just became a certified B Corp, which means we think about people, planet, and profit with every decision we make. From providing an in-office preschool for our employees, to using only ethical companies for our supply chain, advocating for the environment, and working with our charity partners to provide sustainable period care to people in need all over the world—we are doing our best to make the world a better place. Thank you for being deliberate shoppers and supporting our efforts! - The Saalt Team PC: @chasinhorizons @herinternational @jonhoeger @periodmovement