Hybrid Performance Method
Hybrid Performance Method. Look like a bodybuilder. Lift like a powerlifter. Move like a weightlifter. Look like a bodybuilder. Lift like a powerlifter.

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HYBRID PUSH-ONLY This program is a 4 day per week program that focusses on bench press, strict press and push-press. In addition to these 3 main movements there is a ton of upper-body accessory and core work that will help improve your pressing ability and overhead stability! This program is great for any athlete with upper-body weaknesses or for athletes with a lower-body injury who are looking to turn a negative situation into a positive one! *Any standing movements can be substituted for seated movements upon request* Click the link in our bio and start working on your overhead and bench strength today! #hybridmethod #lookliftmove #hybridAF
Hybrid Deadlift Protocol - This is an every other day training program that runs for 12 weeks and focusses on the deadlift as well as other core strength and stability exercises that will help to improve your deadlift 1RM. This program can be used on its own or in addition to a program you're already using! Sign up today and start training your deadlift like a pro! <sign up link in bio>
Hybrid Performance is a combination of olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding accessory work. This program alternates between 4 and 5 days per week and peaks you to hit PRs (Personal Records) in all 5 of the big lifts (snatch, clean & jerk, squat, bench, and deadlift) at the end of each training block. This is a perfect program for any athlete who wants to improve their overall strength while having it carry over to the olympic lifts all while improving aesthetics. Join the Hybrid team by clicking the link in our bio! #hybridmethod #lookliftmove #hybridAF
42 pounds lost with Hybrid Nutrition. . “Really have gone back and forth with myself on posting this. So as some people know, last October, my grandfather passed away. Around the same time, a series of events occurred in life that set me down a path of self destruction. I began eating everything I could, worked out once or twice a week, drank, basically just allowed myself to give up on things. Fast forward to January, and I was up to 230+lbs, the heaviest I had ever been in my entire life. The picture on the left is the day I hired @greg.sut and the @hybridperformancemethod nutrition team to help me get back on track. I had to get some accountability to help pull me out of this depression I had let set in. Fast forward seven months, I’m down 42lbs(currently weighing in at 188), just as strong as ever, conditioning is back to where it was when I was running track, and most importantly, I’m happy. The whole point of this is this; it’s perfectly normal to become sad or even depressed, but when you allow it to take you down a path of self destruction, you need to pull yourself out. Find a system of accountability , and use it. Don’t let yourself go down the rabbit hole, because you won’t like what happens. Thank you again @greg.sut for all your help and sage words of advice. Looking forward to seeing just how far this change will go.” - @pwrlftnff . Join Hybrid Nutrition today by clicking the link in our bio!