Hybrid Performance Method
Hybrid Performance Method. Look like a bodybuilder. Lift like a powerlifter. Move like a weightlifter. Look like a bodybuilder. Lift like a powerlifter.

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CORRECTIVE BODYBUILDING FOR STRENGTH ATHLETES: Married to your coach/program but always feel like you’re low on accessory exercises? This program is NOT a traditional BB bro split but rather the exercises in this program are specifically hand picked to promote long term durability, balance and optimal performance in strength sports. #hybridAF _____________________________________________________ Once you sign up for any of our @hybridperformancemethod programs you immediately get access to all other subscription based programs.
Our boy @pheasyque is always putting out great stuff, check out this low & high bar breakdown he did. . ⭕️HIGH BAR VS LOW BAR SQUATS⭕️ - Many people have wanted a tutorial series on a low bar squats (since I mostly happen to post high bar related stuff) so there you go. In case you want me to get to a much deeper detail, covering grip, muscles involved, etc. let me know in the comment section below! - Anyway, the main difference of a high bar VS low bar squat, is obviously the way the barbell is placed on us, and how we need to set up around "this" to make both lifts equally efficient. - As we approach the barbell, the High Bar Squats will require us to place it on top of our shoulders/back of the neck, allowing us to keep the torso relatively vertical while still placing the load perpendicularly on our mid foot. - On the other end, if we want to distribute the load on ourselves the same way, with a low bar, we'll definitely have to lean forward a little - while placing the babell on the muscle shelf created squeezing our shoulderblades back together, on the back of the shoulders. - At the bottom of the exercise, on the High bar squat we'll still be able to sit vertically. Our knees will travel forward much more, increasing the stress on the quads. - During Low Bar Squats we'll have to lean forward more (to a degree, based on your anatomy), while pushing the hips back., to keep the weight centered through the reps. - Since hips will be pushed back more, this allows the knees not to travel too much forward, decreasing ankle dorsiflexion. - Want more post on low bar squats? Let me know down here with a comment! - 🔥🔥🔥TAG somebody who needs to see this!
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