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Big News: We are excited to introduce our Elixir line, now in 100% compostable eco-packaging, with fresh NEW branding! Our new look has been evolving over the past year, and we are thrilled to finally launch in stores and online! ⠀ Over the next few months we'll be rolling out our new packaging - check out our website for more info on availability. SHOP in BIO.⠀ #newpackaging #ecopackaging #compostable #biodegradable #rebrand #compost #announcement #bignews #news #update #branding #packaging
Happy Herbalist Day! April 17th is "Thank an Herbalist Day". The team at Harmonic Arts would like to say a big Thank You to our founding herbalists, Angela + Yarrow Willard. We appreciate your leadership and dedication to educating and inspiring the herbal community. Thank you for sharing the healing power of plant medicine with us! ⠀ @herbal_jedi @wild_angelica⠀ #thankanherbalist #herbalist #thankyou #appreciation #herbalistday #thanks #herbalists
This weekend only, (April 13-14) take 25% OFF our convenient Tincture Blends! Use coupon code TINCTURESALE at checkout on our online store. (Offer not available to wholesalers) ⠀ Not sure which tincture to try? ⠀ We recommend these 3 for spring support:⠀ 1. Allergy Ease - provides relief from seasonal allergy symptoms. Featuring Nettle, Reishi, and Skullcap.⠀ 2. Parasite Purge - A cleansing herbal blend to kill and flush parasites from the body.⠀ 3. Green Spirits - A mineral-rich blend of herbs to increase your "green" intake.⠀ ****To Shop Tincture Blends - Follow the Link in our BIO.⠀ #flashsale #25off #discount #coupon #couponcode #tinctures #tincture #herbalism #herbs #naturalmedicine #tincture #allergies #herbalist
Spring is in the air - and plenty of pollen, too!🌷🐝⠀ Reduce allergy symptoms with Allergy Ease. This tincture can be used to relieve allergy symptoms, or taken as a preventative measure.⠀ Featured Herbs:⠀ 🌷 Nettles: Helps to lessen allergic response.⠀ 🌷 Reishi: Relaxes the body.⠀ 🌷 Skullcap: Calms the nervous system⠀ 🌷 Eyebright: An anti-inflammatory.⠀ 🌷 Oregon Grape: Stimulates the liver to help detoxify the system.⠀ *Shopping Link in BIO!*⠀ _⠀ #spring #allergies #herbalism #plantmedicine #immunesystem #allergy