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Don't waste time searching and scrolling to find the best Escape room deals. To help save you time and money, we've collected all of today's best Escape room deals, sales and coupons codes in one place.

The team at Wethrift receive tens of thousands of discounts and offers every day. We're continually updating this page with the latest discounts, offers and promo codes from our favourite Escape room brands.

Today's top Escape room discount codes include:

  • 20% off at Escapology
  • 17% off at Breakout Games
  • 35% off at The Escape Game

You’ll also find the latest sales and offers from Houdini's Escape UK, Escape Live and Red Door Escape Room.

Many of these offers expire quickly, so act fast and don’t worry if you miss out on a deal, we’ll keep this page updated every day with the best Escape room discounts.

On this page you’ll find:

Today's Best Escape room Sales & Deals

We’ve hunted down the latest and best Escape room sales, discounts, and offers. Below are the latest bargains that you need to know about.

Feeling Lucky? ☘️ Test Your Skills at The Escape Ventures!

Feeling Lucky? ☘️ Test Your Skills at The Escape Ventures!

March 17, 2023

The Latest Coupons At The Top Escape room stores

We've rounded up the latest coupon codes from the top Escape room retailers. Don't miss out on these offers. logo
Houdini's Escape UK Coupon
Houdini's Escape UK Coupon

23% off

Coupon used:7 times
Success rate:100% logo
Escape Live Coupon
Escape Live Coupon

20% off

Coupon used:7 times
Success rate:42% logo
Red Door Escape Room Coupon
Red Door Escape Room Coupon

50% off

Coupon used:56 times
Success rate:50%  logo
Escape Room Coupon
Escape Room Coupon

5% OFF

Coupon used:11 times
Success rate:69% logo
Labyrinth Escape Games Coupon
Labyrinth Escape Games Coupon

22% off

Coupon used:23 times
Success rate:74% logo
Alcatraz Escape Games Coupon
Alcatraz Escape Games Coupon

25% off

Coupon used:42 times
Success rate:37% logo
Breakout Games Coupon
Breakout Games Coupon

20% off

Coupon used:533 times
Success rate:31% logo
The Escape Game Coupon
The Escape Game Coupon

Ending soon

Coupon used:666 times
Success rate:49% logo
Mission Escape Rooms Coupon
Mission Escape Rooms Coupon

20% off

Coupon used:183 times
Success rate:67% logo
Timescape Live Escape Games Coupon
Timescape Live Escape Games Coupon

10% off

Coupon used:43 times
Success rate:70%

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The Escape Game
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Breakout Games
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Mission Escape Rooms
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Red Door Escape Room
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Fox In A Box
Labyrinth Escape Games logo
Labyrinth Escape Games
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Escape Live
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Houdini's Escape UK
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Locked Escape Rooms
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Enigma Escape Experience
Maze Rooms Los Angeles logo
Maze Rooms Los Angeles
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Escape in 60
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Alcatraz Escape Games
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Captured Escape Rooms
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Mystique Escape
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The Basement
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Mastermind Escape Games
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Exit the Room
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No Escape London
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The Great Escape Game Sheffield
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Urban Escape Games
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Rush Escape Room
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Timescape Live Escape Games
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Amazing Escape Room
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The Escape Ventures Orlando
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Time Trap Escape Room
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Escape Rooms Cardiff
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Epic Escape Game
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Escape Room