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Buy the best Bento lunch box by Seed & Sprout. Stainless steel and environmentally friendly Bento lunch boxes. Sustainable lunch boxes and accessories in Byron Bay Australia.
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When you ditch plastic bottled water you live healthier (no toxins leeching out of plastic into your water), save money (obvious), and make a stand for global sustainability (around 373 million plastic water bottles end up as waste just in Australia each year)!!! The Seed & Sprout Insulated, Double-Walled Flask is a sleek, easy drinking, easy hold, easy cleaning machine that will keep your hot drinks hot and your cool drinks cold. Tap to shop or read more about what makes it so great! 🌏🌱🍃🌵💧
The sweetest sight you ever did see 🙌🏻 ft. Seed & Sprout stainless steel straws 🌏🌱🍃🌵💧 📷: @chasingthesummerfields
Going towards a plastic-reduced lifestyle brings with it a whole new love and appreciation for the smaller things in life. When you have curated your world to be filled with products that are beautiful and doing no harm to the planet - everyday activities become more enjoyable. Washing the dishes is meaningful. We are proud to be making a change in the world and we have beautiful tools at hand to do that. Going shopping becomes more enjoyable. We appreciate the feel, the natural, the simple with an arm full of organic bags. Making lunch. Eating food. Organizing. You are creating a life that is full of good intention! And where does it go? It ripples out into your life! It has to. When you choose eco-friendly products over single use plastics you are doing an amazing thing for the environment, one which is essential to our continued life here on this planet but you are also making a decision to bring more value into your life. To make your actions more meaningful. Your everyday activities more enjoyable. Something I believe we should all do in continuum is rake our life for what is adding value and if we can get that while saving the planet? Sh*t YES. 🌏🌱🍃🌵💧
At the heart of everything we do is the idea of change through the individual. Yesterday I saw the power of many individuals coming together as a community, watching in amazement as a wash of comments overtook a 1.7M Instagram account that we found was ripping off our whole brand (right down to using pictures of ME and videos of ME using Seed & Sprout products and posing them as their own 😢) (plot twist: check our stories (saved to highlight #pouchgate) to see what he had to say and what happened when we got to the bottom of who was behind it all). I’ve never felt a feeling like the support you guys gave me yesterday. This overwhelming combination of crying from gratitude and pride in the goodness of people standing up for something they believed in! And we had fun doing it!!!! I’m so incredibly grateful. And so incredibly inspired. Thank you all sincerely from the bottom of my heart for your loyalty, your uprising and for going to bat for something you believe in 💪🏼. That is wholeheartedly what we believe in and what our products are designed for. Making change, even as the little guy. Tag as many people as you can in the comment section of this photo to spread that message, turn them onto our beautiful eco wares and to keep the love in the OG Seed & Sprout family!!! 🌏🍃🌱🌵💧