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What’s up guys, just letting everybody know I will be releasing my new documentary at this year’s Olympia. I will be at the Olympia expo signing my new book so be sure to get your tickets now guys. I’m gonna tell the whole story of my life and how I was able to win 8 Olympia titles and my 12 surgeries since then. Amazon is also taking pre orders at the moment. I have some amazing stories to tell like the one about me chopping cotton as a 12 year old kid and how till this very day it’s the hardest job I’ve ever had. Oh and the one about the double homicide I discovered while working full time for the police Department, that’s one crazy ass story. Not to mention all the stuff about my buddies Flex Wheeler and Kevin Levrone and how I owe most of my credit to them for helping me in my quest to become 8 time Mr Olympia. Some of them y’all have heard but not all of them. Oh by the way the book will be translated in just about every language possible, so no worries 🇩🇰.
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Yes it’s me again with my shrinktoning cream. I really don’t care what some of you believe but for those who do believe. Yes this is a form of cream that I used to get ready for contests back in the day. I would put it on daily before cardio to help lose fat and burn calories and it worked great. It worked so good that I still use it today. The brand I used back in the day I no longer use because I like this one better. I’m still using it today when I can train and I just started back recently training. I have been unable to train because of all the recent surgeries. As you can see I’m starting to get a little bit leaner but I do need more time with the cream as to get much leaner. You can get the cream by going to their Instagram @shrinktoning. You can also get it by going to their website or #yeahbuddy #lightweightbaby #itstillaintnothingbutapeanut