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β€œCool little rig from @watsongymequipment. As choppy as some parts of the ROM may look, this setup was actually very fluid. β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” The arm extension to load is quite an awesome way to change the loading pattern of your average free weight curl. With an overload in the biceps’ shortened range, this is a pretty solid selection to get an awesome pump. β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” Yes those are 5 lb plates on there. And yes, after 3 sets of 12-15 rep full out failure sets I was smoked. β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” I know most of you don’t have this in your gym. I don’t know what to say except, β€œsorry,” and get with your gym owners and have them buy one.” @brycebahm #redcon1 #higheststateofreadiness #bodybuilding #executionpro #gimmearms ******
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The wait is almost over... Mid December the RTD game will be completely changed! Redcon1 is declaring TOTAL WAR! #redcon1 #higheststateofreadiness #totalwar #rtd #herewego ******