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Don't mind us - we're just making a quick Target run to pick up the essentials! What about you? Tag us and show us your #PinkCoconut haul πŸ’• #TargetBeauty
Mother's Day is coming up and we know just what you should give her. Spoil your fave gal with a DIY spa day!⁣ ⁣ Start off with our #PinkCoconut Clay Cleansing Mask to detox and bring glow to the skin while getting the perfect pout with our hydrating #PinkCoconut Lip Scrub! It's the perfect duo for the perfect duo (you and Mom, of course!) πŸ’• #TargetBeauty
"I loved the results and since I’m pretty sensible to clay masks cause I find they dry so intensely and my skin feels so tight after using them but this one I really enjoyed cause it has really calming and hydrating elements to it so I had no issues at all ... so far so good!" - @thefantasticmirror on our #PinkCoconut Clay Cleansing Mask πŸ’« #TargetBeauty
"The #PinkCoconut Cleansing Clay Mask is something I have been loving since I picked it up! While I tend to avoid coconut oil in my products since my skin is acne prone I haven’t had any issues with this product. I think because it is on the skin for such a small amount of time I have seen no negative effects from the coconut oil. The coconut oil is intended to nourish and hydrate the skin. This mask is super comfortable to wear. I tend to wear this one for around 10 minutes because the formula is very thin and because of the coconut oil but I have had times where I have forgotten to take it off and my skin hasn’t felt dry or stripped. This mask makes my skin feel so clean when I use it. If you struggle with congestion but don’t like clay masks because they are too drying this one is for you! I was so surprised the first time I used it how hydrating it is. This is a great buy! There is a ton in the tube so it will last you quite a few masks (3.4 fl oz) and the price point is great! I am so impressed and I really need to try more from Red Earth Beauty 🌎" - @dewyinthedesert πŸ’« #TargetBeauty