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christmas shipping deadlinezzz ⚡️✨🎄 in addition, we will not be shipping orders from the 21st till January 1st to spend time with our family’s for the holidaaaze!!! you can still place orders but they won’t go out til we get back!! thanks for understanding and happy holidays lovely ladies!!!! ❤️⭐️🎄👯‍♀️✡️🦋🎅🏼
if you haven’t snagged one of our holiday grab bags yet... honestly what are you doing?!!! tonzzzz is cutie choices all at a discounted price. tap to shop these pretty thangzzzz ⭐️✨🌟⚡️🌞
werk werk werk 💎☁️
welcome back to our R&R working women feature!! 😇😇 meet Ceci and Anna Grace!! roomies & besties in Nashville paving their own way by making their passions into crazyyyy successful careers! Ceci is a badass freelance content creator. her graphics, doodles, designs, and style are so unique and out of this world. not to mention she’s working full time WHILE getting her masters is psychology and design?? she literally does it all!!! 💰👯‍♀️⚡️Anna Grace is a wardrobe stylist/content creator/big time fashionissttaaa!! she has the sickest feed and such a unique, eclectic style. everything she posts I’m like ok number one how did you put all that together and make it look so goood and number two yep just take all my money bc Im buying it all. 🌟👑🦄 I just started working with these ladies and am continually so in awe of them both. i asked them what inspired their creativity and this is what they said.... . Ceci Mula: “I love music. I’m listening to music 24-7 and if I’m not then something’s definitely wrong. Music to me is my biggest inspiration because it allows me to get to a place where my imagination can just run wild...it elicits emotions and ideas and always always keeps me inspired without fail. It puts words to the images I see in my mind, and always brings forth new one. I’m either dropping it low to some biggie or throwing some glitter on a canvas while the 1975 plays in the background” ⭐️⚡️✨ . Anna Grace Newell: “Fashion has really been an outlet for me to express myself since I was a wee little tot. I have always had a wild, funky, eclectic sense of style. When I am seeking inspiration, you most certainly can catch me at some of my favorite vintage stores and thrift stores. I thoroughly enjoy digging & hunting to give any apparel new life. It’s sort of a fun, little challenge to find some crazy, unique pieces and utilize them to repurpose an entire look!”❄️☁️🦋 . y’all are such huge inspirations to me and I’m so lucky to know you ladies!!! keep killin it mamacitazzz!!! 💛💛