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Tomorrow is Father's Day! ✨ If the holiday snuck up on you, we have a couple of quick genuine gift ideas that you can easily create at home! The simple feeling of receiving a gift can be just as uplifting as the gift itself – expressing your appreciation for a person through a love-filled, DIY gift is a great way to connect on a heart level. 💛 One idea: mix up some quick culinary salts with ingredients you may already have. Beginning with a base of your chef’s favorite salt, use fresh or dry herbs to build a seasoning blend suited to his cooking style. You can try different algae and seaweeds such as bull kelp and nori flakes to enhance the flavors of fish – or go classic with herbs like rosemary, juniper berries, and sage. The herbal combinations are endless, and recipes can be adjusted to the cooking style and tastes of your recipient. Here's a recipe suggestion from our blog, adapted by @hollybellebuono. LEMON-WHITE SAGE FINISHING SALTS 1 handful of whole fresh sage leaves 1 c coarse pink Himalayan sea salt 2 tbsp grated lemon zest . . Directions: Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl and mix until well combined. For fast drying: turn on your oven and heat to the lowest setting. Pour the mixture on a baking sheet + spread evenly. Put the baking sheet in the oven, keeping the door open slightly with a prop if needed (like a wooden spoon). Let the mixture heat for a couple hours, stirring frequently. The herbs should be dry and crisp when they are ready. Take the baking sheet out of the oven, leaving it to cool completely. Once dried, grind your herbal culinary salts in a coffee or herb grinder before storing to reach your desired consistency. Store your salts in an airtight glass jar and use as needed on your favorite dishes! 👌 More FD DIYs in our newsletter yesterday! . . . . . . #fathersday #fathersdayDIY #herbalrecipes #herbalpreparations #sage #gardensage #salviaspp #myherbalstudies #herbalacademy #herbalist #herbalism #materiamedica #botanicals #plantmedicine #herblove #herbalmedicine #artofslowliving #motherearth #naturesmedicine #loveyourweeds #backtoourroots #herbalists #plantlove #herbarium #herbstolove #medicinal #hebier
Elderflower makes a refreshing, slightly sweet floral tea, and is especially tasty combined with citrus flavors such as lemon balm and a little honey. Lemon or lime slices are a lovely addition, too. Elderflower Lemon Balm 'Ade' Ingredients 2 teaspoons dried elderflowers (or 4-5 fresh umbels) 1 teaspoon dried lemon balm (or 2 teaspoons fresh) 1 cup water Directions: Pour boiling water over herbs in a heat proof container or mug. Let steep for 10-15 minutes. Sweeten to taste with honey. Strain and enjoy as a chilled tea. 🌿 Stop by our blog for lots of great cooling drink recipes for summertime! Search "tea", "lemonade", or "smoothie" for some great botanical drinks! Link in bio. . . . . . #elderflower #lemonbalm #botanicaldrinks #herbaldrinks #lemonaderecipe #herballemonade #herbaltea #sipslowly #mixologist #freshlemonade #myherbalstudies #herbalacademy #herbalist #herbalism #materiamedica #botanicals #plantmedicine #herblove #herbalmedicine #artofslowliving #motherearth #naturesmedicine #loveyourweeds #backtoourroots #herbalists #plantlove #herbarium #herbstolove #medicinal #hebier
Greater celandine (Chelidonium majus). Have you been seeing celandine in your neck of the woods? 🌼 Native to Europe and parts of Aisa, celandine is a well-established weed that pops up all over New England at this time of year, peppering the neighborhoods with lovely green leaves and yellow flowers. When the leaves and stems are crushed or broken, a toxic and caustic orange-yellow (and stinky!) latex is secreted, which should not come into contact with broken skin; this plant should not be consumed as cases of liver damage have been reported. 🍃 Despite the toxic compounds, the aerial parts and the root have been used in Western herbalism at least as far back as the 1st century, and likely longer than that, topically for skin conditions such as warts as well as eye diseases and other imbalances. Maud Grieve writes in her book A Modern Herbal that greater celandine juice was used for eczema, warts, and ringworm, but warns the latex should not come into contact with other skin. Aside from the caustic substance emitted when gathered, Mrs. Grieve also notes that the leaves and the flowers droop quickly after picking, perhaps yet another sign that this plant would rather be left alone! 🌼 Do you see this pretty flower in your neighborhood? . . . . . #celandine #Chelidoniummajus #plantid #plantidentification #wildweeds #herbalism #myherbalstudies #herbalacademy #herbalist #botanicals #herbalmedicine #herbalists #herblove #loveyourweeds #medicinal #hebier #foraging #herballifestyle #herbalallies #learningherbs #botany #herbschool #herbnerd #herbalistsofinstagram #familyherbalist #herbal #herbsofinstagram #intothewild #MaudGrieve #amodernherbal
** DIY HERBAL GLOW GIVEAWAY ** In celebration of our exquisitely delightful new skin care program opening next week, we are giving one very lucky person first access into class along with two companion DIY books! 🌸 So opt-in by following the steps below for your chance to win our brand new BOTANICAL SKIN CARE COURSE, it’s gorgeous companion, the BOTANICAL SKIN CARE RECIPE BOOK – featuring 194 tried-and-tested herbal skin care recipes, and THE NATURAL SOAPMAKING BOOK FOR BEGINNERS by Herbal Academy teacher and herbalist, Kelly Cable! 🌼 TO ENTER: 1 – Like this photo! 2 – Follow @herbalacademy and @simplelifemom 3 – Tag a friend in the comments who should know about this new course! [There are 3 ways to enter: on Instagram, Facebook, and the Herbal Academy website] 🍃 Join the Herbal Academy’s Botanical Skin Care Course opening on June 18th for an exciting maker’s quest to create your own natural, good for-the-body, sumptuous homemade herbal body care products! Your herbal cupboard will soon be stocked with an array of herbal preparations to make you glow – all while you discover your internal health in order to maximize your skin health! Kelly Cable, author of The Natural Soapmaking Book for Beginners, is teaching on herbal soapmaking – just one of many herbalists to look forward to learning from in this beautiful new program. You are in for a delectable treat! 🌿 The Botanical Skin Care Course and Botanical Skin Care Recipe Book will be released on JUNE 18TH! Enrollment to this very essential and exciting new program and its companion book opens then, so stay tuned! --- Giveaway closes Sunday, June 16th at Midnight EST and the (1) winner will be announced Tuesday, June 18th on this post. Giveaway is open to worldwide participants, ages 21+. No purchase necessary to enter! This giveaway is hosted by Herbal Academy and Simply Life Mom and is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram or Facebook. . . . . #giveaway #herbalacademy #myherbalstudies #DIYbodycare #herbalrecipes #herbalpreparations