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Happy Way is made with the highest quality raw, ancient and organic superfood supplements.
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Mornings hey 🙈 #happywayau
CHOC SMOOTHIE BOWL ❤️ @sarahfitfoodie Some days just call for cookies and a “throw-everything-into-a-blender” chocolate smoothie bowl 🤤 Smoothie bowl dEATs: ▫️1.5 frozen bananas ▫️1/2 cup chickpeas ▫️1/2 cup cooked cauliflower ▫️1.5 tbsp @happywayau cacao powder ▫️1 tub vanilla yogurt ▫️1 scoop @happywayau chocolate protein powder ▫️1 tbsp natural sweetener ▫️2 cups almond milk Toppings: ▫️2 choc chip soft baked protein cookies ▫️berries ▫️muesli Enjoy 🤤🚀 www.happyway.com.au #happywayau #happyway #happywayprotein #chocprotein #smoothiebowl #proteinsmoothie #foodie
BLISS BALLS 🤤 @jacklynwaterson I made some peanut 🥜 butter chocolate protein balls today & they are delicious 😋 This is one and can be frozen too if you wanted to make a big batch up. —- Recipe ▫️1 cup of peanut butter smooth ▫️1/4 cup of honey ▫️1/2 of sultanas ▫️1 scoop of Vanilla @happywayau protein ▫️Dark chocolate nibbles ▫️Desiccated coconut to roll them. ——- Takes 10 min and approximately 100calories per one Put all ingredients into a good processor apart from the dark chocolate 🍫 & the coconut 🥥 Mix till smooth Add dark chocolate 🍫 Roll in desiccated coconut 🥥 —- I find they taste better when set in the fridge over night. Enjoy 🤤🚀 www.happyway.com.au #happywayau #happyway #naturalingredients #happywayprotein #blissballs #peanutbutter #veganprotein
PEANUT BUTTER PROTEIN PANCAKES 🤤 @biteswithbalance THE DEETS (makes 8-10 small pancakes) ✨ In a food processor or high speed blender, add ▫️1 c buckwheat groats and blend until flour forms (alternatively, you would use regular buckwheat flour). ▫️3 eggs ▫️2 scoops @happywayau vegan peanut butter protein ▫️1 tsp vanilla extract ▫️1 tbs pure maple syrup ▫️1.5 tsp baking powder ▫️pinch salt Blend until thick batter forms ▫️add 1/3-1/2 almond milk and blend again until desired consistency. ▫️Cook on a low heat with a lil coconut oil on either side for approx 3mins. ▫️Stack em up and top with vanilla yoghurt + warmed frozen berries 😍 Enjoy 🤤🚀 www.happyway.com.au #happywayau #happyway #happywayprotein #naturalingredients #proteinpancakes