How effective is your recovery? TimTam makes the world's best handheld massager and accessories to improve the performance of serious athletes.

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Repost• @onetimepowerlifting Another Solid Training Session: Thanks @timtamrecovery @thebreathbelt for helping our tactical athletes set the conditions to train, fight and recover properly across all 17 attributes necessary for a Soldier to be successful on and off the battlefield!! Central Nervous System stimuli in the High Bar Squat and Front Squat. Shoot for 100-110% of your 1RM! Reflected some of my favorite warm-up exercises/activities to prepare for a BIG SQUAT! 1. Hank Squat 2. Lunge series with @sorinex ham roller 3. GHDs & Frankenhypers 4. #timtamrecovery walking glute max and med prep 5. Flossing/blood flow restriction at 4 points on the legs 10-15 reps with elevated heels #frontsquat #highbarsquat #frankenhyper #lungeseries #nervoussystem #tacticalathleteperformancecenter #physicaldominance #rltw🇺🇸 #83kg #sweden🇸🇪 #usateam #masterpowerlifter #bendingbars #beastmode #squatsession #movingweight
Take it from @_kristineangela -- with 2,000+ strokes per minute, the Power Massager is the modern recovery tool that outshines massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic work. You've got to feel it to believe it. 💪🏻💥
Check out the Polish Light in action at the MCOE Tactical Athlete Performance Center 🇺🇸💪🏻 We're proud to support the training & recovery of America's strongest fighters. #timtamrecovery
Work Hard, Recover Quickly 🏈💪🏻 Atlanta Steam QB @_dakotahughes swears by the TimTam Power Massager -- the modern recovery tool guaranteed to bring your recovery & workouts to the next level. #TimTamRecovery