Hanks Protein Plus
HANKS PROTEIN PLUS Spreads are the original, local Rhode Island High Protein Spread.

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#Repost @innovationfitnessri with @get_repost ・・・ 💥💥JUST IN💥💥 @hankspbs 2 Serving Tubs are NOW AVAILABLE at Innovation Fitness😍😍 The 2 peanut spreads available at the popular Snickerdoodle and Chocolate Chip and the almond spread Available is Chocolate Almond Crunch. There are 2 servings (4 tablespoons total) and come complete with a mini serving spoon! These are the perfect solution for on-the-go, portion control, and preparing meals. Stop by Innovation Fitness located at 926 Oaklawn Avenue in Cranston, RI for yours today ! @get_repost Always willing to bring something new to the storefront for his customer base. That’s what’s great about @innovationfitnessri and @innovationfitness_westerly How will a store ever know if something is a good fit if they never try? @hankspbs has been a good fit for a very long time at this location. @innovationfitnessri has been with us since the beginning and again at our rebirth and now through growth! Stop in for our new Hanks2go. 3 options: low in sugar Chocolate Chip, no added sugar Snickerdoodle and no added sugar Chocolate Almond Crunch. The 2 stands for 2 servings or 4 ounces....with spoon! We know that slipping a pound into a briefcase, pocket book (or if you are stuck in the ‘80’s...) a belly bag so we have come up with the “no excuses not to try us” container. Stop in and ask the staff to point you @hankspbs😎 check out the Innovation Fitness clothing line while you are there🏅
Join the team at @empire_merrick this Sunday for their OFFICIAL Grand Opening and Fall Fest all in one day. Hundreds of companies including [email protected] will be well represented on this special day! Best news is the giveaways! Maybe you will get a little something from us @hankspbs! #fallfest#grandopening#demos #Giveaways#empiremerrick #hanksreppingatfallfest
#Repost @mazzeye with @get_repost ・・・ Wellllll fuck. This stuff is amazing. After quite a few customers asked us about @hankspbs we decided to finally bring it into @myofactorsupplements. It's kind of funny I have never tried these things until recently, given the massive amount of spreads, supplements, and protein infused goodies I have had. _ This is pretty straightforward of a product; a whey protein infused peanut and flax spread. The spread is way ahead of others in it's category. If others spreads were once called great or awesome, they immediately take a knock and go down to just good. _ The oil separation is not nearly as pronounced as many other spreads. The whey is very fine and evenly distributed so it is not as gritty. But the flavor is what is absolutely incredible. It maintains a very full peanutbutter flavor while also having a full flavor of whatever twist you get. This white chocolate pretzel has a very strong peanutbutter taste with a very clear and distinct pretzel and white chocolate flavor to it. The peanutbutter over rides the other, but it is not lost nor is it just a hint of the other flavor. _ These better benefits do not come at a hit to calories or macros either. Each 2 tbsp serving is still 180 calories which is compromised of 10g protein ,7g from carbs and 13g fat. They are also extremely minimalist ingredient wise and sweetened only with stevia, salt, and by the whey in most cases. This flavor has more to it with the 1oz of actual pretzel which probably takes up more of the ingredient panel than anything else. _ These are extremely, extremely good spreads. Hank knows exactly what he is doing with these spreads. If I had to number it out of 10, 10 being flawless, this is a strong 9.4. _ If you want to try it yourself, white chocolate pretzel is available for sample at the store! Or buy it yourself and enjoy it! _ #myofactor #supplements #hanks #peanutbutter #flax #flaxseed #whey #proteins #whitechocolate #pretzel #spread #spreads #rates #thatsdelicious #tasty #wild #foodphotography #nextlevelshit #shoppingonline @get_repost Thank you for one of the best reviews and for going the distance with your kind words. It is so appreciated!
@repost We aren’t trying to do anything but make the best tasting, healthy nut butters. We want to separate ourselves from the rest...plain and simple. Thanks again and please keep your eyes out for our New Hanks2go four ounce with spoon containers! #hanks2go#hankspb #hankspbs#hankspbs4life #proteininfused#hank #bestpbandalmondbutters #thankyoutoourfans