Hanks Protein Plus
HANKS PROTEIN PLUS Spreads are the original, local Rhode Island High Protein Spread.

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@hankspbs would like to thank a very observant customer in pointing out the misspelling of “Almondbutter” in the initial post. Therefore the reason for this 2nd post offering the same deal to all retailers, current and potential. If this Special is taken advantage of you can also have the buy 15 get 1 free Confetti Cake Special! Saves you .41 off the regular wholesale cost. Simple email [email protected] to place your order or to ask a question. #hank#hankspbs #proteinplus#almondbutter #specialdeal#confetticake #nothingelsecompares #fitnessandnutrition#macros
@hankspbs and @europasports Have teamed up at the perfect time. Properly launching our brand new High Protein Confetti Cake Nut Butter Spread needs a network to be successful. It takes a strategy and the right people who believe in you and in your product. Europa’s @michael.thornton.europa has believed in our product since the time it was just a hobby...being made in my basement for a handful of people. Years later all 13 of our products are now a part the best distribution model one could ask for. We are excited about things to come, about what lies ahead of us and what God’s plan is for us. Whatever it is, our company has been blessed in so many ways. Far too many ways to get into. The resurrection of a company comes with so many things to be thankful for. So we will take it one day at a time and accept whatever lies ahead for us. #resurrection#hanks #highprotein#confetticake #europa#nybdistributors #sportlifedistribution #veganoptions#pbs
It is officially available at your favorite supplement store like @oceanstatenutrition and @undisputed_nutrition @shoresmarket and @innovationfitnessri to name a few. Stop in and ask for @Hankspbs Confetti Cake High Protein Nut Spread. And if they don’t have it ask them why? If they have never heard of us then they are lagging behind and maybe you should be shopping at another supplement store!!#pb #itisfinished#protein #confetticake#nutrition #veganoptions#fitmess #nothingelsecompares