Hanks Protein Plus
HANKS PROTEIN PLUS Spreads are the original, local Rhode Island High Protein Spread.
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Last updated:December 1, 2018

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This combination of @stackdpancakes and @hankspbs has been on Instagram as a team, hundreds of times. The taste combinations just go together naturally....like they were made for each other. Great products that are “on point” with flavoring and consistency always seem to find each other. So when you visit your favorite supplement store don’t pick up just one. Pick them both up and post something about them. We will choose the best one on July 20th and send you 1 lb each of your 3 favorite spreads. But if you don’t know everything about us yet then go to www.hanksproteinplus.com. Descriptions and nutritional panels of all of our peanut and almond butters are right there. And for the next month you can buy 3 and get 1 free right from our website!! #freestuff#stackdpancakes #hankspb#mochatoffee#protein #cinnamonraisinalmondbutter #veganbeats#veganeats #veganoptions#highprotein #10gramsperserving
@hankspbs preparing 40 lbs of high protein plain peanut butter (monogramed no less) for @coffeeconnectionri in North Providence RI. This is one of our favorite venues and is far more than a typical cafe. One of our best customers @coffeeconnection uses our bulk product on a weekly basis for their signature bowls, shakes, and muffins. Stop in and enjoy the atmosphere, the food, and the coffee and ask for anything that has @hanksproteinplus as the main ingredient! Thank you @coffeeconnectionri for you loyalty and for your help in growing a local brand called HANKS PROTEIN PLUS#protein#hank #hanksproteinplus#hankspbs #CoffeeconnectionNP #CoffeeconnectionWOON #CoffeeconnectionCUMB #signaturebowls#cafe #specialtymarkets
An overhead open top view of what’s inside the “New 2.” Nothing but the good stuff...Mocha Toffee Crunch with 1 ounce of real Heath Bar Crunch throughout and on top and Cinnamon Raisin Cookie Almond Spread....real Raisins and real Cinnamon throughout and on top. @hankspbs IS the Real Deal! Help us to move our extraordinary line of nut butter spreads across the country by ordering online and then telling your local Supplement Stores and Markets about us! Check out our on line web order special!!! Buy 3 and get 1 Free beginning on Friday! There really is no other product like ours...it’s just a matter of time.... 🌪🔥💥 #europasportsproducts #sportlifedistribution #nybdistributors#innovationfitnessri#oceanstatenutrition #maxmusclesaugus#leanmaxnutrition#undisputednutrition#davesmarketplace#davesmarketri#wholefoodsmarket#vegans#veganoptionseverywhere#hanksisbest #nothingelsecompares #wickedfresh#keyholdingservices
@hankspbs we@are extremely happy, satisfied and proud of our 2 new hi-protein nut butters, Cinnamon Raisin Cookie Almond Spread and Mocha Toffee Crunch Bar. Thank you to the stores that have posted to their pages and who have supported us for a very long time. Awesome supplement and nutrition stores like @innovationfitnessri, @the.tn.supplement.co @totalnutrition_syosset @northeast_nutrition just to name just a few. The first 2 weeks sales have been amazing and stores are letting us know by reordering multiple times already. @hankspbs we try our best, and we give you our best effort with every Spread we research, develop and make. We don’t release anything until it has gone through pathogen testing, shelf life stability testing and finally the all important “taste testing “.....Nothing goes out the door with a stamp of approval until my wife nods her head north and south😊🥇👍East to West means back to the factory!🤬No lie!Store owners and managers can e-mail us for details about our PLUS 1 SPECIALS that gives you FREE PRODUCT with minimum orders of all 15 peanut butter spreads and almond butter spreads. Do it now, our email is hanksproteinplus@gmail.com #hank#hankspb #bestspreadsontheplanet #qualitycontrol#protein #cinnamonraisincookie #mochatoffeecrunch #confetticake #fitnessandnutrition #threeveganoptions #wholefoodsri #localbusiness #localproductsri #cantdowithouthanks