The Most Romantic Cities Around The World

The most romantic cities

With Valentine’s Day coming around again, many of us are in the market to sweep that special someone off their feet, but is your beloved really going to be wooed by that £10 bottle of wine again this year? Is that heart-shaped helium balloon and a meagre box of Milk Tray actually going to cut it?

Nothing gets the heart racing and the butterflies fluttering quite like a trip to a romantic retreat, but just where in the world can you go where romance is guaranteed?

Our team here at WeThrift have got you covered, with a list of the most romantic cities around the world based on an eight-point criteria which include the number of couple-friendly activities in each city, the number of romantic restaurants, hotels, spas, sights and landmarks, plus just how many times the sunset in each city has been snapped and hashtagged on Instagram, and we have not stopped there.

The team have also revealed the most romantic staycations in the UK, for all the lovers who don’t want to travel too far to feel close to their partners this Valentine’s Day. The perfect romantic staycation needs to offer up plenty of romantic restaurants, walking trails and fun things to do – and quick access to places like the beach, florists and jewellers certainly help – so we’ve crunched the numbers to determine which UK based getaway can help rustle up the most romance.

We have also pulled back the curtain on the most romantic tourist attractions from around the world. Taking into account how many reviews were left on Trip Advisor by couples contained the word ‘romantic’ to determine whether a trip to the Eiffel Tower will leave you feeling full of love, if Niagra Falls is made for nuzzling, or if canoodling on the canals of Venice can allure your valentine.

Finally, for all the singles looking to set the record straight this Valentine’s Day, we have revealed the best cities in the world to find love. Again using an eight-point criteria which include the number of nightlife and restaurant options, the average cost of classic first date activities such as cinema tickets or a romantic meal, plus the safety index rating of each city.

Still feeling the achy-breaky blues? Get yourself ready for romance this Valentine’s Day with these in-depth looks at the world’s most romantic retreats.

The Most Romantic Cities in The World 

The most romantic cities around the world

Could it be that classic rom-com movies like Love Actually and Notting Hill are more fact than fiction? It’s certainly possible, since the data has revealed that London, England is the most romantic city in the world with an overall score of 76.5 out of 80, meaning that Brits won’t need to travel far for a bit of romance this Valentine’s Day.

With so many celebrity chefs opening restaurants in England’s capital city, it will come as no surprise that London is home to more romantic restaurants than anywhere else in the world, with our data discovering 1,909 romantic restaurants listed across the city. There are also more couple-friendly activities to be found in London, 1,053 to be exact, than anywhere else in the world.

Although it is traditionally considered by many to be the most romantic destination in the world, Paris has been pipped to the post by its neighbouring city across the channel, and the French capital can only muster second place with an overall score of 76.3. 

Although Paris was outperformed by London in most categories, the French did manage to outdo their British rival city with more romantic hotels and spa’s located on the Parisian streets. Paris is home to 551 romantic hotels and 952 spa’s and wellness centres, while London only boasts 288 romantic hotels and 856 spas and wellness centres. Elsewhere, Paris has over double the number of sights and landmarks compared to London, with 2,358 compared to London’s 1,156.

Following up in third is Barcelona, in the Catalonian region of Spain, with an overall score of 66.1. Barcelona performed consistently across all categories, with a mind-boggling 65,480,351 Instagram posts being snapped in the city. There is a total of 749 romantic sights and landmarks throughout the city, including the world-famous Sagrada Familia cathedral. 

Outside of Europe, the data has shown that Tokyo is the most romantic city, with the Japanese capital city’s overall score of 65.7 being strong enough to make it the fourth most romantic city in the world. Tokyo is home to more spa’s and wellness centres than any other city in the world, with 1,221 places for you and your partner to relax in across the Japanese capital.

Over in the United States, New York City manages to drum up an overall score of 65.3 out of 80 making it the fifth most romantic city in the world. Elsewhere in the USA, Los Angeles ranks as the world’s fifteenth most romantic city, with an overall score of 50.6. New York City has proved itself as an especially perfect place to catch a sunset with the hashtag #sunset being used 28,074 times on New York City related pictures on Instagram.

Making up the rest of the top ten is sixth-placed Rome, Italy (65.1) which houses 1,386 romantic restaurants where you and your partner can pair pizza, pasta and wine. There’s Istanbul, Turkey in seventh place (63.5) with 121,902,707 Instagram posts being snapped in the city and perhaps more surprisingly is Moscow, Russia (60) in eighth place – the Russian capital boasts an impressive 262 nature parks, perfect for a romantic stroll. 

Plus, there is every Instagram influencers favourite holiday destination Dubai in the UAE (58.2) with 59,198 #sunset snaps emerging from the city. As well as, Singapore, Singapore, which clinches tenth place (55.5) thanks in part to its 189 nature parks and 836 romantic hotels.

Finally, there are two late entrants from Thailand, with the South-East Asian cities of Bangkok and Phuket each sneaking into the top fifteen, with overall scores of 52.9 and 50.8 respectively. Those travelling to Thailand for their romantic getaway will have no shortage of things to do, with 396 couple-friendly activities to be found in Bangkok and 549 in Phuket.

Most Romantic Staycation Destinations in the UK Revealed 

The UK's most romantic staycation destinations

With the data already establishing that London is the romantic city getaway in the world, where else in the UK can you head to if you are after a romantic staycation that is a little less crowded?

The data has revealed that Windsor, Berkshire is officially the UK’s most romantic staycation destination with an overall score of 64.7 out of 80. The town was first established in the 11th century by William the Conqueror and is home to Windsor Castle, an official residence of the British royal family, as well as the royal Windsor racecourse and a Legoland resort, plus as many as 135 more things to do. 

Windsor has been the location of more Instagram posts than any other UK staycation destination, with 2,257,659 shots being snapped in the town for the social media site. Windsor is also home to more florists than any other romantic retreat in the UK, with 30 florists within the town’s five-mile radius, meaning there’s no excuse for not treating your loved one to a beautiful bouquet this Valentine’s Day.

For the next best romantic staycation in the UK, couples will have to head to the South West coast, as Truro, Cornwall comes in at second place with an overall score of 58.9. The Cornish city scored consistently across all categories with special mentions going to the 34 romantic restaurants, 22 jewellery shops and 92 things to do during your stay in Truro. If all of that was not already romantic enough, the city of Truro is less than a 30-minute drive to some of Cornwall’s irresistible sandy beaches too.

Just behind in third place is Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire, with the quaint English town scoring 58.8 overall. Just nine miles north of Reading, this beautiful town was voted as one of the best places to live in the English countryside by The Times, and it is no surprise with 84 romantic restaurants and 50 walking trails to be found in and around the town.

Elsewhere there is Lewes, East Sussex in fourth place with an overall score of 58.4, boasting 79 things to do, as well as being within a 30-minute drive to the nearest beach. While fifth place goes to Keswick, Cumbria with an overall score of 56.5 to make it the best-ranking staycation destination for those looking for romance in the North of England. Keswick is also home to a mind-blowing 241 walking trails – more than the rest of the top five combined – meaning it is the best place in the UK to take a stroll with your soulmate.

There are two more entries for Cumbria in the top ten, with Ambleside placing seventh (55.1) and Windermere ninth (54.6). Ambleside is home to a further 163 walking trails plus 74 romantic hotels, while Windermere is the perfect romantic retreat for partners who simply love to eat, with 84 romantic restaurants located in this part of the Lake District alone.

Much to the disappointment of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the data found that all fifteen of the UK’s most romantic staycation destinations are located in England. Further entries included Salisbury, Wiltshire which is home to a 13th-century cathedral, an original copy of the Magna Cart and 17 romantic hotels to reach sixth place with a 55.4 score. There’s also Woodbridge, Suffolk in eighth place (54.7) which proved popular with lovers of social media with 1,149,408 Instagram posts being taken in the town.

Other potential destinations for UK couples looking for a romantic getaway include tenth-placed Arundel, West Sussex (54), eleventh-placed Totnes, Devon (53.7) and twelfth-placed Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire (52.5) where you and your partner can take part in any of 187 things to do, including visiting the birthplace of William Shakespeare.

World’s Most Romantic Tourist Attractions Revealed

The most romantic tourist attractions

The data has revealed that unsurprisingly the canals of Venice, Italy are officially the most romantic tourist attraction in the world with a perfect romance score of 20. The idea of being steered through the ancient and picturesque city by a gondolier with your nearest and dearest by your side and a bottle of wine between you seems so romantic that it is almost cliche, but that did not stop a remarkable 48% of reviews for the Venice’s most romantic activity containing the word ‘romantic’.

Not far behind in second place is Dubrovnik’s Old Town, located in the South of Croatia, earning an impressive romance score of 19 out of 20. Another ‘Old City’ makes the top five most romantic attractions with Tallinn’s Old City, Estonia reaching fifth place with a romance score of 16.2.

Away from Europe, Niagara Falls, Canada is the third most romantic tourist attraction in the world, with a romance score of 18.4. The world-famous waterfall received 27.2% ‘romantic’ reviews and was also the location of Pam and Jim’s wedding in The Office USA – who might just be the cutest TV couple of all time if that’s anything to go by.

Staying on the same side of the Atlantic for fourth place is the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, scoring 16.9. Elsewhere in the USA, Central Park, New York also makes the top ten, ranking at sixth place with a romance score of 16.1.

The most romantic tourist attraction found in the Southern Hemisphere is the world-famous Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia. The building ranks at seventh place with a romance score of 15.9 and is the only entry to the top twenty that is located below the equator.

Hong Kong sees two of its most romantic tourist attractions sneak into the top ten, with Victoria Park in ninth (15.9) and the Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront in tenth (14.9). 20.8% of online reviews for Victoria Park contained the word ‘romantic’, while 16.9% of Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront’s reviews contained the ‘R’ word.

For residents of the British Isles, the closest romantic tourist attraction to home is the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland which received a more than respectable romance score of 14.8. The Cliffs of Moher look out onto the vast Atlantic ocean and are considered a romantic spot by 24.7% of reviewers.

While the data found that Paris ranked as the second most romantic city in the world, the French capital city’s three most romantic tourist attractions failed to make the top ten, having to settle for places in the top twenty instead. The instantly recognisable Eiffel Tower ranks at twelfth place (14.8), while the Sacre Coeur Basilica (12.3) and the Notre Dame Cathedral (12.1) prop up the list in nineteenth and twentieth respectively.

The Top Cities in The World To Find Love 

The world's best cities for singles

Spain is officially the place to be for singles on the search for love, with the data revealing that the top two spots each go to Spanish cities – perhaps it’s something they put in the paella?

Madrid is officially the best city in the world for singles, with an overall score of 55.2 out of 80. There are plenty of reasons for singles to be mad for Madrid, with 733 romantic restaurants and 714 nightlife options across the city. On top of that, the Spanish capital is home to 23 adult shops and 45 ‘hour hotels’, meaning Madrid is truly the most terrific city for anyone looking to tapas.

Closely following in second place is Barcelona, with an overall score of 54.4 out of 80. Looking for love along the coast of Catalonia won’t cost much, with the average price of two cinema tickets costing the European equivalent of £15.06 and average date night meals valued at £41.77. Plus, there’s a total of 785 romantic restaurants to sample some of those signature Spanish dishes.

Interestingly, the data shows that the top eight cities in the world for singles to find love are all found in Europe. With third place getting filled by Berlin, Germany with an overall score of 53, while fourth place is taken by Rome, Italy with an overall score of 50. 

London, England and Paris, France tie for fifth place, with overall scores of 49.6 each. London offers more speed dating opportunities than any other European city with an eye-watering 1,080 speed dating events across the city, plus an amazing 1,431 nightlife options. Meanwhile, Paris proves to be the more affordable city of the two for going on dates, with two cinema tickets costing an average of £20.08 across the channel, compared to the £28.00 fee in London.

Elsewhere there is Milan, Italy in seventh place (48.9) and Prague, Czech Republic (47) proving that Europe is full of locations for lonely hearts on the lookout for love. The fashion capital of the world, Milan offers up 29 adult shops for those who like to get freaky. Meanwhile, Prague has proved to be one of the safest cities in the world for singles, with a 75.8 safety index rating.

Outside of Europe, Singapore is officially the top city in the world to find love, ranking at ninth place overall with a total score of 46.7. That is closely followed by another Asian city, Tokyo in Japan, which ranks tenth with an overall score of 43. Those looking for love in Tokyo won’t be lost for things to do, with 1,456 romantic restaurants and 1.296 nightlife venues found in the Japanese capital.

The next two spots are taken up by American cities with New York City claiming eleventh place (42.2) and Los Angeles in twelfth (40.4). Between the two cities, Los Angeles works out cheaper for those crucial first dates, with the combined cost of a cinema trip and meal at the U.S. equivalent of £81.26 on the west coast, compared to the £108.98 total in New York City. Los Angeles also offers up a lively speed dating scene, with 2,200 speed dating opportunities in the city.

However, New York City does boast a significantly livelier nightlife, with 722 venue options compared to the 326 in Los Angeles – they do say that New York is the city that never sleeps. Even in such a busy environment, the data has revealed that New York City is a safer city for singles, with a 52.9 safety index rating, compared to 50.2 in L.A.

The other perfect cities for singles that make the top fifteen are Vienna, Austria (40), Hong Kong, China (39.6) and Istanbul, Turkey (39.6). Each city does have a unique charm of their own, Vienna was the setting of the beautifully romantic Before Sunset movie, Hong Kong happens to be the safest city in the world according to the safety index with a score of 78, and Istanbul provides cheaper cinema date nights than anywhere else, with two tickets costing the Turkish equivalent of just £4.40.


Most romantic cities around the world: 

Taking a seed list of the most visited cities around the world, we have uncovered which are the most romantic based on eight-point criteria: 

  • Number of romantic restaurants on TripAdvisor 
  • Nature & Parks on TripAdvisor 
  • Attractions listed as ‘couple-friendly’
  • Sights & Landmarks on TripAdvisor 
  • Number of #sunset posts on Instagram 
  • Number of Instagram hashtag posts 
  • Number of romantic hotels on TripAdvisor 
  • Spa and Wellness facilities on TripAdvisor 

Each city was given a total score out of 80. 

Most romantic staycation destinations in the UK:  

Taking a seed list of popular staycation destinations across the UK, we have uncovered which are the most romantic based on eight-point criteria: 

  • Number of romantic restaurants on TripAdvisor 
  • Walking Trails listed on Alltrails 
  • Number of florists within 5 miles
  • Number of jewellery shops within 5 miles 
  • Beaches within a 30-minute drive on Google Maps 
  • Number of Instagram hashtag posts
  • Number of romantic hotels on TripAdvisor 
  • Number of things to do on TripAdvisor 

Each staycation spot was given a total score out of 80. 

World’s most romantic tourist attractions: 

Taking a seed list of the most visited tourist attractions around the world, we have determined which is the most romantic based on the percentage of good and excellent TripAdvisor reviews containing ‘romantic’ and the percentage of reviews listed as ‘couples’. 

Top cities in the world to find love: 

Taking a seed list of the most visited cities around the world, we have discovered which are the best for singletons looking for love based on eight-point criteria: 

Each staycation spot was given a total score out of 80.