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Vedder Holsters Reviews

High quality and great craftsmanship.

Wednesday, March 20 2019

Got my new Vedder Holster belt in today along with some other goodies. I can tell that this belt is nothing short of high quality and great craftsmanship.

I’m very pleased with the product. Can’t wait to slap my gun on it and get some range time!

I’m not fixing and making adjustments all day long.

Sunday, March 17 2019

Ok, I’ve only been wearing my new Vedder Holsters light tuck for the Glock 19, for 12 hours straight. I have been sitting on the floor, driving, I fell asleep and even used the bathroom all while wearing it, and did not have to adjust it once. I haven’t played with the cant yet, but the metal clip is way better then what I had thought.

It holds my belt very tightly and doesn’t allow movement. Which is perfect for wearing it all day I’m not fixing and making adjustments all day long. My vote is get one!

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Super comfortable and fits great.

Monday, March 4 2019

Just got my Vedder Holsters in over the weekend while I was gone In just a few minutes wearing it around the house, wow super comfortable and fits great.

Awesome holster guys! Great job.

I’m very pleased with them so far

Monday, March 4 2019

My second holster from Vedder Holster and I’m very pleased with them so far! Excellent fit, and retention.

Plenty of adjustment, and it makes concealing a full sized handgun a breeze!

Great price point and the holster is perfect.

Saturday, March 2 2019

Shout out to Vedder Holsters. I've been looking for a holster for my with crimson trace for a while.

Most places don't have a simple holster for this model due to the laser, but Vedder Holsters did! Great price point and the holster is perfect!

Thank you so much!