Twig And Clove
Handcrafted oils and other skin and soul products using natural ingredients.
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If ya had of sat me down 10 years ago and told me that I would be right here, to this very day, this very hour, this very second in 10 years time I probably would of laughed and told you to fuck off. If ya had of told me I would be working with the land, foraging, harvesting, making, tincturing & starting my own business I probably would of said there’s no way I’m smart enough to do that. If ya had of told me that I would become mother, wife, business owner and do all the things I do now I probably would of said I’m not mad enough to wanna take on all that. If ya had of told me shit would get better & easier I probably would of cried tears of doubts & fears. If you had of told me I would go through the pain of shedding layers upon layers of self doubts, traumas, negative thought patterns, anger, fear, emotional damage & influenced negative beliefs of self I probably would of shaken with anger and wanted to fight ya for bringing that kind of shit up. If ya had of told me I’d be right here, well I probably wouldn’t of worked so damn hard for it and I probably wouldn’t be right here. #usnea #rewildyourmedicine #teenagemewasanangrydick
•NEW to the shop• ... 🌿Cleavers butter balm!🌿 ... For breast and lymph care, a deeply hydrating, penetrating silky butter to use for self breast exams! She also provides some deep TLC to dry skin! Seriously folks, she has a dreamy texture which you woulda seen in my ig stories yesterday! ... 🌷Chickweed & Rose castor oil pack🌷 ... For shrinking both those ovarian and breast cysts and fibroids! She can also be used on scar tissue and stretch marks! There’s a whooooole lotta tips and tricks on how to use her in the description listing! To call these offerings home, head to the link in my bio and click on the ‘shop offerings’ button💓 #rewildyourmedicine #plantallies
Slut inspiring bitch snake lady (because of the jewellery I wear-also personal fave) fuckhead idiot stupid kind smart caring evil tainted crazy generous weird friend enemy I’ve been called and named many, many things. More than what I’ve listed. But I prefer to go by the name Shy. I am wild woman, mother, wife, witch, listener of the wild weeds. Forager, maker, deep thinker, plant whisperer. I crave the company of tall trees, good tea and good reads. I prefer to live simply, to be out here, to not cater to societies standards. It’s nice to meet you. #plantwhisperer #witchesofinstagram
It always feels so good to come home. Even if I’ve only been out for a few minutes!😆 To breathe a sigh of relief because I can just be ma weird self here, dancing, singing, making, foraging. This winter has called to me to look within, slow down, be kind to self and to start manifesting/kicking some goals! One being saving $$! To be able to buy land again tucked away in the forests, enough to be able grow as much as possible to be as self sustainable as possible. To try break away from most of modern comforts and live on the land more wildly as I like to put it. What are you manifesting?✨ #hearthwitch #home