Tsuno is a social enterprise selling subscriptions of disposable bamboo sanitary pads and organic cotton tampons.
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⏰ Last updated:September 3, 2018

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Have you considered asking your HR team or boss to provide TSUNO products in your bathrooms? Maybe it’s time to suggest it? 🤷‍♀️ Tsuno believes everyone should have access to quality menstrual products. ⚡️Your workplace can help. ⚡️We want a world where every bathroom is stocked full of high quality sanitary pads and people can bleed with an ease of access to the products that suit them best. One of the best places this goal can be realised is in our workplaces, no matter how big or small. How do you order, we hear you ask? You can order online, or if you are ordering more than $350 in product, please check out our dedicated page ‘Tsuno for the Workplace’ https://www.tsuno.com.au/pages/tsuno-tampons-pads-for-your-workplace and we’ll get in touch with a quote. Together we can make a difference. 👊
Why do we need to talk about periods openly and frankly? Because women and young girls need to be informed, need to know they have choices when it comes to period products, and even birth control. Too often we are too ashamed or embarrassed to discuss simple health issues when it comes to our ‘private parts’ - and we might have mis-steps because of this (like 20 years on the pill…) Do you feel comfortable talking about periods, vaginal health, and birth control openly at home? Do you leave your period products on display so people can see them? Simple steps like this can help remove the taboo and stigma around periods #periodpositive Photo by Timothy Meinberg on Unsplash https://tmbrg.com
Sitting pretty next to our pals Kester Black in store at @koskela_ ... do you buy your products online or in stores?
⚡️GIVEAWAY TIME ⚡️ There is a super exciting new book for pre-teens called Welcome to Your Period by Yumi Stynes and Dr Melisa Kang (of Dolly Doctor fame ; )). With fun illustrations by Jenny Latham, It’s your easy, no-dumb-questions guide to handling your period like a boss! 👌👌👌It’s frank, funny and big-sisterly in a way we all wished we had when we were fumbling through our periods for the first time. (Chris: I am definitely buying one for my daughter!) We’re proud supporters of this book, and we have 3 copies to giveaway plus 2 boxes of pads or tampons (your choice!) - all you need to do is hop over to our website and subscribe to our newsletters. Or drop us an email with ‘subscribe to win’ as the subject line to hello@tsuno.com.au ... Good luck! PS would you buy this if we stocked it in our online store?? Tell us 🤷‍♀️