Tropikal Bliss
Fruity Vegan Skin & Hair Care Products. All natural. Cruelty free.

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Dear customer, as you may have noticed, we’ve been experiencing a hard time with our company these last 4 months, including getting products back in stock and shipping orders. . . Please email us your order number to [email protected] and we will proceed to refunds as soon as possible. . . The business will be shut down until we get all products back in stock. . . We understand that some of you are very disappointed - we sincerely apologize. . . We hope to see you soon and come back stronger with a better service and wonderful products 🍍
Marshmallow lover or not, you are going to love our Marshmallow Repair Mask, packed with creamy shea butter and rich argan oil to fortify and nourish your hair. 🍭 #Tropikalbliss. #Teambliss
A creamy Milkshake like Pineapple Hair Milk + a banana leave in smoothie is our favourite combination to define and hydrate curls and give that bouncy, voluminous crown 💕🍀 @gkccouture_ . . Crafted with fruity extracts and rich oils such as : ------ 🍌Banana A great source of high potassium that strengthens your hair. It keeps hair hydrated and healthy. ------ 🍍Pineapple Smoothes, strengthens the hair cuticles and adds shine for defined and soft curls. ------ 🌰Cotton Seed Oil An excellent source of Protein and Essential Fatty Acids to promote stronger and thicker hair. ——— 🥥 Coconut Oil ------ Moisturizes and gives the hair more body. It naturally creates a film of moisture on the hair shaft, giving the hair added protection. #Tropikalbliss #Teambliss
We’ve added Banana and cocoa butter in our leave in Smoothie softens your hair, define curls and add gloss too. 🍌 #tropikalbliss #teambliss