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Top Shelf Gamer enhances tabletop game play selling upgrades and game facilitation for modern tabletop games as well as the games themselves.
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Important Info for Top Shelf Gamers!â € â € For more info, please click the banner on our homepage! See you at Gen Con!â € â € ONLINE ORDERS & FULFILLMENTâ € Orders made on the website on Saturday, August 27th, until 2pm EST will be fulfilled normally. Our family-owned & family-run store will be unavailable to ship and fulfill online orders placed between July 28th and August 8th - since our team will be attending Gen Con.â € â € Online order fulfillment will resume on August 9th and those orders will be sent out to customers in the order they were received. We appreciate your patience while we get back from Gen Con and send out your orders.â € â € PRODUCTS WE ARE TAKING WITH US TO GEN CONâ € We will have most of our Deluxe Token Bundles that are in stock!â € â € We will be showcasing the following products for the following board games:â € â € -- TSG Deluxe Card Holders: Standard, Mini-Euro, Mini-American sizes available (fits most cards, for most games)â € -- Tiny Towns: Deluxe Token Bundle, Meeple Realty Wooden Insertâ € -- Architects of the West Kingdom: Deluxe Token Bundle, Insert Here Foamcore Insertâ € -- Teotihuacan: Deluxe Token Bundleâ € -- Yokohama: Deluxe Token Bundle, Metal Coin Set, Acrylic Building Setâ € -- Terraforming Mars: Acrylic Colony Resource Upgrade Tokens, Insert Here Foamcore Insertâ € -- Pipeline: Meeple Realty Wooden Insertâ € -- Root: Meeple Realty Wooden Insertâ € -- Gloomhaven: Meeple Realty Wooden Insertâ € -- Dinosaur Island: Insert Here Foamcore Insertâ € â € For more info, please click the banner on our homepage! See you at Gen Con!
Hello, Top Shelf Gamers! We were honored to announce that we will be setting up a booth at this year's Gen Con!â € â € Join us at our booth! BOOTH # 2051 --- Here's a map to help find us!â € â € We look forward to meeting all of you and seeing your blinged-out games on Facebook and Instagram! Tag us and use these hashtags so we can find you!â € â € @topshelfgamer | #topshelfgamer | #boardgameupgrades | #boardgamecoins
Happy 4th of July! Today we honor those that sacrificed their lives so that our great nation could be free! Pictured: Red, White, & Blue glass gems from our Deluxe Gem Upgrade bundle for #Splendor! #4thofjuly #USA #BoardGameUpgrades #boardgamebling #topshelfgamer
Deal of the Week!â € This Week: Dice Settlers Foamcore Insertâ € â € Link: Available in our bio - look for this image on our homepage!â € â € Did you know that we have a weekly deal? We offer discounts on your favorite #boardgameupgrades and accessories!â € â € This week we are proud to offer the #DiceSettlers Foamcore #BoardGameInsert!â € â € DETAILS:â € This insert is composed of (7) removable trays and will hold premium sleeved cards. (4) of the trays are designed to hold individual player tokens for quick set-up.â € â € One of the trays will hold the resources (both regular and upgraded) while another tray holds the dice.â € â € Another tray will hold the cards, hex tiles, bags and various other components.â € â € #topshelfgamer #topshelfgamers