Togather Moments
Family game to play around dinner that helps families grow closer through meaningful conversation.
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Guess what? The storms will come. Maybe they have come. Maybe yours are crashing against you right now. They show up in hidden ways like the busyness in schedules that slowly fades to chaos and lost time with one another. They show up in environmental stress from careers, or academic struggles, or conflict in relationships, or illnesses. The storms come from the disorganization in our homes that lead to battles over “lost” things or unsigned papers or arriving late to our obligations. . All the storms we face exist in obvious ways and they also exist in very subtle ways that you can’t even see beginning. But ever so slowly, those winds begin to emerge, the downpour happens, and our foundation is put to the test. . . Have you taken time lately to think about what YOUR foundation is built on? What will sustain you when it is put to a test? Are you ready? . . . #throughthestorm #strongfoundation #buildcharacter #raisethemstrong #joyintheordinary #livethelittlethings #littlestoriesofmylife #prioritizepeople #slowdown #lessworkmorelife #lovedoes #togathertogether #girlmom #boymom #familydinners #familygamenight #makemoments #onetableatatime #intentionalmotherhood #acupofmotherhood #mombloggers #madeinkentucky #togathergame #togathermoments
As we grow up, I know I’ll wish there wasn’t such an age difference between me and these three. But #therealityofparenting, I guess. Love these girls so much and all our roller coastering this weekend!💚🎢🎡💚 . . . #kingsisland #cincinnati #togathermoments
Do you ever wonder if you’re missing the “signs” about where you are supposed to “be”?...One of the many reasons I’m on this journey is because I hit a point a few years ago where I thought, “I’m afraid of waking up ten years from now knowing that I didn’t go where I was being led.” Ughhh. That is such a sick feeling, isn’t it? . . Fast forward to where I am now: I went to ASTRA(a toy trade show) in June. From the time I heard it was going on to the morning I left for the five hour trip alone, was only six days. I drove off early that Monday morning for Pittsburgh. It was pouring down rain, rush hour traffic was awful, & I had a million reasons to stay home. I was praying, “Lord, what am I doing? Is this crazy? Is this where I’m even supposed to be?” I definitely had major self-doubt & fear creeping in. . . So I changed lanes and it took me a few seconds to realize the very car in front of me had a Pittsburgh Steelers magnet on the back. I kind of laughed out loud and said, “okay, Lord. Is this your way of saying, ‘go’?” Then my eyes traveled to the license plate and outlining it were the words “Pittsburgh Steelers” on an Ohio plate. The word Pittsburgh might as well have been flashing in neon because it was screaming at me. I knew right then God was saying, “yes. You are exactly where you need to be. Follow me to Pittsburgh.” . . Okay. Yes, Lord. YES. Through all this fear, I will go....What’s crazy about this is that I live in Cincinnati Bengals territory and the Steelers are one of their greatest rivals. If you drive around here with a Steelers sticker on your Ohio car, you’re just brave.😉 . I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe that things happen for a reason. I certainly think there are many points in our lives where either road we take could be “good”, but I also think we owe it to ourselves to really take time to pray about it and listen to where we are fully being called. We can only do that if we open our hearts and truly LISTEN. . . Is there something God is speaking to you right now that you’re missing or that you are ignoring OR are you confidently listening to Him? . . #trusthistiming #leadmelord #familystrong #onetableatatime #togathermoments
I could do summer all year. It’s never long enough and childhood is too short....☀️💕 . . #gathermemories #childhoodmemories #togathermoments