Three Little Blackbirds
Organic Farm, Artisan Bakery & Graphic Design.
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I feel very lucky and grateful to have had a single mom with enough love and patience and energy to be both mom AND dad to her three girls. Growing up without a father figure makes it all that more special and amazing to experience my husband giving love so readily and easily to our children. Watching our kids absorb his very presence each and every day like it’s nothing and like it’s normal has slowly healed my own wounds and empty holes left by my absent father. My kids will never have to worry or wonder if they are enough or if they are loved or important or special. They will have their papa - who is their number one fan always in all ways. Real men do exist, real fathers are out there - and today I hope you’re treasuring those real men and dads in your life. Happy Father’s Day to my very special momma!! And Happy Father’s Day to my husband/best friend/hero/love of my life, Corey. And Happy Father’s Day to ALL the fathers out there who show up...and the mothers who show up when the dads do not. 💙
Vacations are so nice, but I do love coming home - especially when I have new babies that hatched and new pullets that starting laying while I was away! 🥰 #homesweethome 🖤 Black and white check Mat from @studiomoutdoor #studiomsquad #ad
I love seeing how you guys use your new logos we create to brand your products, websites and social media accounts. @quabbinhillfarms putting out some lovely, delicious looking produce!
The architecture in Santa Barbara just speaks to my soul. It kinda feels like we have the whole town to ourselves this week - it’s so quiet and peaceful. #santabarbara