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Relentless athletes investors welcome. The Warrior Within the personal pursuit of becoming the best version of yourself. Worldwide Shipping.

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“What is blue?” asked a child, so very small.⁣ 💯⁣ To which a man answered, “Blue is several things, I will tell you a few, but not all,”⁣ 💯⁣ “Blue is the ocean, the rivers and streams,”⁣ “Blue is the “splish splash” of water, which in the sunlight will gleam,”⁣ 💯⁣ “Blue is the flavorful taste of a seafood cuisine,”⁣ “Lobster, shrimp, and crab, found beneath the deep blue sea,”⁣ “Blue is the aroma, of blueberry pie,”⁣ “Blue is the immense, infinite sky,” ~ E.A Costa⁣ 💯⁣ ⁣ Featuring TWW #RELENTLESS athlete: @dr.danimal_111
Life is short. ⁣ 🤚⁣ Understand the ying and the yang to life. Without periods of hardship, sadness, grief, heartbreak, loss, death. Without these painful things, you would never reach the high’s, the pinnacle moments that feel so good after making it through a storm you thought would break you⁣ 💯⁣ Smile, life is short, but life is good. Smile at the storm coming in because you know it will not and cannot break you. Smile at the last experiences that you surely thought would be the end of you.⁣ ✅⁣ Smile, be present, here and now is all that exists.⁣ ⁣ Featuring TWW #RELENTLESS Athlete: @dr.danimal_111
There are a few things that can, and cannot be promised when you choose to leave the comfort zones of life and strive for greatness in whatever journey you set off on for yourself.⁣ ✅✅✅✅⁣ You will get tired, you will get wary, you will doubt yourself, you will at times look around and feel you are not as strong as everyone around you.⁣ ✅✅✅✅⁣ You will question your decision, often wondering what it would be like to return back to the safe comfort zones that once nurtured you so well.⁣ 💯💯💯💯⁣ But, over time, the more you keep pushing forward, putting one foot in front of the other. Your strength will build with each step, and you will lay down each night fulfilled with the satisfaction of knowing you are following your life’s purpose. You will not have the regret of a life wasted in a false reality of comfort zones. You will evolve, you will be become so large with humbleness and confidence that you no longer can fit in any type of comfort zone. ⁣ 💯💯💯💯⁣ The other thing that is promised, is that one day you will die, and you will either be buried with silent regrets, or a story worth telling....⁣ ✅✅✅⁣ Go and get it. ⁣ ✅⁣ Sincerely ~ TWW
Our new YouTube video is out! ⁣ ——-⁣ Gym Flow: ‘The first time I worked out’ ft Killian Hackett, EP2⁣ ———⁣ @killianirishred Talks about the first time he worked out and all of the fear and anxiety that came with it, and why he chose to stick with it⁣ ———⁣