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Are you ready to "Countdown to Summer"? We’ve got you covered with a new Apple Watch and gorgeous Mia band from @theultimatecuff 💕 Here’s how to enter to win: 1️⃣Follow me @theultimatecuff 2️⃣Like this post 3️⃣Comment with how many days you have left until Summer!!! 4️⃣Tap the photo to head over to the next teacher, @hellojenjones and repeat. 🙌🏻Once you make it back to me, you’ve completed this short loop- just 6 of us. This giveaway is not sponsored by Instagram. Ships to USA residents only. Ends Tues the 24th at 7p.m. PST.
🔥Total babe @lucy_bloomfield showing off our best-selling Mia #iwatchband⌚️And she’s shooting some video content for us too! Stay tuned for more!#theultimatecuff . . #Repost @lucy_bloomfield ・・・ If you’ve watched my stories, you’ll know I’ve been shooting Facebook ad videos for two new clients, @ediblebeautyau and @theultimatecuff - Step 2. In my drawn out creative process is shooting a scene before I film it. I find this really helps with nailing the lighting and figuring out where my body needs to be to result in great video. - The last 2 days have really been an “aha” moment for me with my photography. Everyone always talks about lighting but I didn’t realise HOW important it is until I saw these photos. - These are desaturated and have had their contrast adjusted slightly for IG. That’s all the processing I’ve done. I’m not wearing makeup (other than mascara), I haven’t painted my cheekbones. It’s ALL lighting. - I think these are some of my best photos and they’re also the first that made me reconsider my black and white feed. To my clients, thank you for entrusting me with your brand. To the rest of my followers, I’m so excited to shoot you with the new tricks I’ve learnt over the past two days. - Swiggigty swooty, now off to train booty 🍑 🏃‍♀️ - #facebookadsfacebookadcreative #facebookadvideo #clientphotography #ecommercephotography #ecommercephotographer #branding #theultimatecuff #ediblebeautyfreelance #freelancer #freelancecreative #businessconsultant #makeupfree #noairbrush #newclients #digitalnomad #photographer #kdpeoplegallery #instagramkilla #thelightofbeauty
A reason to smile 😊 + the easiest way to shop ... we're on @amazon 📣PLUS, check out our Gray Mia to match your #spacegrayapplewatch 😍 Fall in love with your Apple Watch again. #theultimatecuff . . . #iwatchband #wristgameproper #amazon #amazonfashion #amazonprime #thatsdarling #accessoryaddict #stylemacaron
Isn’t it tea-rific that it’s Tuesday?! 🤣See below,... but first- stay tuned for a giveaway with @28fourjewelry soon! 💕 . . #Repost @jess.taliani ・・・ Forever needing my shaken green tea from @starbucks We are watching Toy Story for the millionth time this week and enjoying the mild breeze that is sweeping through the house before we get with some random snow tomorrow. . . . Bracelets: @28fourjewelry use code JESS20 at checkout Apple Watch cuff: @theultimatecuff use code JESS10 at checkout . #iwatchband #wristgameproper #jewelrystagram #jewelrystack #applewatchjewelry #theultimatecuff #tuesdayvibes #greentea #smartwatch #stackablebracelets