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How cold are the mornings getting!! 2 jumpers on and and also considering cranking on the heater... winter is coming! During the cold months, it’s important to eat accordingly. Your body needs warmth - and living on freezing cold smoothies isn’t the best idea. Your body requires MORE energy to heat itself up again - and cold foods can also impair digestion (and our body’s ability to absorb b12, an essential nutrient that we can’t function well without!) Now you all know by now how much I love smoothie bowls.. if I can eat it with a spoon, I’m super happy ❤️ So how to make them in winter? It’s easy - don’t use ice! My smoothie bowls now are blended veggies, fruit and protein, with a few seeds and berries on top. Nothing is frozen, and I blend them for 2 minutes rather than 1 minute, which has gentle warms the mixture (kind of like soup). Eating food at your body’s temperature (around 36.5 degrees) is the best way to encourage optimal digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Adding ginger and other warming herbs is another great way to promote a healthy microbiome🙏 In my bowl today is cucumber, celery, lettuce, a small pear, some thawed blueberries, vanilla plant protein and wheat grass powder. It’s delicious! 😋 . . . . . . #smoothiebowl #wintereecipes #plantbased #rawvegan #raw #warmingfoods #microbiome #nutrients #digestion #education #veganeducation #plantbasedhacks #lifehacks #fullyraw #perthwellness #rawfoodgirl
What if there was a way you could enjoy all your favourite naughty desserts in a much healthier, nourishing way? Well, you can! Recent studies show us that sugar can be just as addictive as drugs and alcohol. And it's much more difficult to avoid it too - because about 80% of the packaged food items at the supermarket contain added sugars. This workshop on June 1st at @living_vivacious is about learning how to create delicious, healthy desserts that are rich, satisfying and packed full of raw nutrition. All food is free from dairy, wheat, gluten, refined sugar and all artificial additives. COURSE INCLUDES: - Living Food Theory - Hands on Raw Food Preparation - How Sugar Affects Us - How to Eliminate Cravings - The Dieting Myth - Eating for Health and Vitality - Lifestyle Implementation Workshop participants will receive generous tastings of all menu items, as well as detailed recipes of each to replicate at home. You'll become equipped with the knowledge of how to eliminate processed sugar from your diet forever, without sacrificing on taste or variety. ON THE MENU: - Dairy-Free Calcium Milk - Green Snickers Smoothie Bowl - Caramel Slice - Salted Peanut Butter Balls - Vanilla Bean Protein Ice-cream - Skinny Choc Milk All dishes are prepared fresh and are 100% raw. This menu is suitable for raw vegans, as well as anyone wishing to learn the art of raw cuisine. Curb those cravings and eat deliciously healthy foods - all at the same time. Early bird tickets are on sale for just a few more days - book your spot through the link in my bio 😘 . . . . . #realfoodworkshops #iqs #iquitsugar #perthevents #perthwellnesscommunity #perrhwellness #love #heal #rawdesserts #perthrawfood #learnraw #events #perthwellnessevents #perthvegans #vegansofperth #rawfoodgirl
How often do we beat ourselves up over “not being disciplined enough?’ When we KNOW what to do, but struggle to actually do it. Are we kind to ourselves? Or do we berate ourselves over every little mistake? Today I give you permission to practice self love... because when you do, the discipline becomes easier 🥰 . . . . . . . #selflove #love #selfcare #inspire #quotes #lifegoals #goals #minimalist #kindness #discipline #disciplinequotes #raw #real #
A huge batch of Potassium Balance Soup made in under 20 minutes, for one of my beautiful Tribe members. I love working from home - because it means more time for lunch dates with my favourite people!! 🥰 This recipe is a modified version of the soup that’s in my Tribe’s Detox Meal Planner. It’s so mineral rich - made with very basic ingredients and tastes incredible. I’m seeing some amazing results coming from my girls on this month’s Shred program - l’m SO proud of them! Want the recipe? DM me and I’ll send it to you :-) . . . . . . #detox #potassium #soup #winterrecipes #simpledinners #foodprep #delish #love #plantbased #tribegoals #vegetarianrecipes #minimalist #joinus #tribegoals #workfromhome #workwithme