The Quick Flick
Create a flawless winged eyeliner look with our self inked waterproof eyeliner stamp and liner. Choose between three stamp sizes for matching wings in seconds!
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The Quick Flick Reviews

Such a great little invention

Monday, September 17 2018

Such a great little invention for anyone that struggles or doesn’t have time to do winged eyeliner. I am using the size Modest 10mm.

All I have to do is stamp on my wing

Monday, September 17 2018

I don’t use a lot of make up but when I do I always go for cruelty free cosmetics and I’ve found an eyeliner that is simply the best🤩🙌🏾

I have never been able to “wing” my eye-line and now thanks to The Quick Flick and their winged eyeliner stamps I can do it so easily, even with the kids around and not lots of time.

All I have to do is stamp on my wing, line my eye and that’s it, finished!! What do you think? Looks easy right? If I can do It I’m sure anyone can😜

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My newest obsession

Monday, September 17 2018

Each pack comes with 2 stamps, one for each eye and each stamp has a wing & regular felt tip! I have the size Grand 12mm on in the second pic (swipe to see!) and I'm actually so shocked at how amazing this product is!

Not gonna lie didn't really think it would work at first lol but I was proved wrong 😂🙌🏻. I do winged eyeliner on a daily basis and it takes me like 10 mins to do both my eyes with regular gel liner so the fact that I can now do my wings in seconds has changed my life 😂.

Overall I give this a 5/5! The actual eyeliner formula is amazing, super black and intense and is pretty long lasting!

I promise you won't be disappointed

Monday, September 17 2018

got the Petite 8mm & the Modest 10mm in intense black & the hype about these amazing eyeliners is spot on! I have hooded eyes and using the stamps has made my winged eyeliner life 100% easier! Go grab one today - I promise you won't be disappointed 😘.

This product is legit

Monday, September 17 2018

We are always slightly sceptical of anything that claims to easily do something that is usually hard. But this product is legit. It is a winged eyeliner stamp.

It comes in a super cute pink, gold and black box. It is available in two sizes The Modest - 10mm and The Grand 12mm. It is smudge proof, water proof and vegan!

Yay for easy eyeliner!

Friday, September 14 2018

After perfecting an eyeliner flick in my late teens/early twenties but then not doing it for, ahem, a few years, I'd totally lost the ability to do it without many many tries, a lot of swearing and honestly me giving up most of the time.

I thought I'd give The Quick Flick a try and wow it's amazing! I just had a quick try, well it is SO easy to use and it looks fab. Yay for easy eyeliner!

The packaging is super stunning

Thursday, September 13 2018

I'm someone who struggles with doing the perfect liner on myself😂 so I thought to give this a try. I purchased the smallest size petite 8mm in Black as its perfect for day looks. The packaging is super stunning.

This kit is so easy to use

Thursday, May 17 2018

This kit is so easy to use I was able to do my liner on both sides in literally less than 2 mins ♥️

1. Always set your eye with primer and powder even if you aren’t wearing eyeshadow.

2. Stamp right wing on right eye and left wing on left eye.

3. Use felt tip to fill in your liner

4. Add mascara/lashes

10x easier

Sunday, April 22 2018


The Quick Flick stamp on eyeliner made doing wing eyeliner 10x easier!

I wore it out all day & got tons of compliments!

Sunday, April 8 2018

The Quick Flick comes with 2 eyeliner pens - One for the left eye and one for the right eye! I started with the Grand 12mm stamp on my upper eye. Then, I took the Petit 8mm for the opposite eye, and stamped that underneath.

I actually loved the result 😍 I wore it out all day & got tons of compliments!