The Nail Snail
The Nail Snail, 3-in-1 baby nail trimmer. Fingernail and toenail cutter, nail file and under nail cleaner. Easy and safe to use. Baby Nail clippers, baby nail file, baby nail scissors, baby nail trimmer, baby nail cutter.

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This is our beautiful canvas bag perfect for keeping your Nail Snail safe and clean. Made from high quality canvas with our logo printed on the front. #thenailsnail #nailsnail #nail_snail_baby #canvas #canvasstoragebag #storagebag #freshandclean #safeandtidy #littlebag #cute #drawstringbag #drawstring #printedcanvas #logo
#Repost @ozzys_world_ * NAIL SNAIL * We have been testing out the @nail_snail_baby for the past few weeks and wanted to share our thoughts with you all. I’ve always been so nervous about cutting the children’s nails. They’re so tiny and thin and it’s so easy to catch their skin. I’ll admit I once cut Freddie’s finger while trying to cut his nails with clippers and I think it has traumatised me! When Ozzy was tiny I tried to just file them down or nibble them off but it’s so difficult and he was always scratching his face. . The Nail Snail is nothing like your typical nail clippers. It’s small and perfectly sized for little fingers and toes and has a small point for a tail which is perfect for getting all the bits of fluff out from under the nail. It also features a small nail file for rounding off the corners. . The best part about the Snail is its V shaped blade for cutting the nails. It’s safe which means you can slice the nail without worrying about catching the finger and it’s easy to control. I only wish I’d had one of these with the other two children and I’ve also showed all the other lovely mummies how good they are. . These little Snails come all the way from Australia but shipping is so reasonable and doesn’t take forever!!! Head over to @nail_snail_baby for more information and ways to purchase. . . #collab #nailsnail #babynails #babycare #babynailclipper #outdoorbaby #babyphotos #cutebabyboy #springbaby #babyanxiety #nailkit #5monthsoldbaby #babyambassador #microinfluencers #everyoneshinetogether
#Repost @thebryankiddies ・・・ Meet Bear! My wonderful nephew who has phobia of having his nails cut! Often his body will be wrapped in a towel with just his hands out when his mummy tried to cut his nails. Nail cutting has become the most daunting time in the household. When I received @nail_snail_baby for a review, I honestly couldn't get on with it at all as I always used nail clipper, so I'm not confident enough with it. However, I've been mentioning it to my sister-in-law and said that it's such a great invention that I feel ashamed I couldn't get on and asked if she wanted to try. Please swipe --> to see the results This is just going to show that if you don't get on with anything it doesn't mean that the product won't be a great help to others. For the first time, Bear didn't scream like he's being tortured and Josie could cut all his nails in less than 3 minutes. I will still recommend this product for anyone who would like to try 😁😁 #babyproduct #gifted #collaborations #honestreview #discoveryunder5k #discoverunder2k #lifesaver #babyessential #eglike3 #ourchildrenofthecosmos
It’s always the highlight of my day when I walk into a chemist and spot the Nail Snail on the shelves! I’m sure the staff think I’m a little bizarre as I dance around and pose for selfies! This is at the Blooms Chemist in the @tweedcity.shoppingcentre 🛍 Make sure you stop in and say hi 👋🏾! #nail_snail_baby #thenailsnail #nailsnail #chemist #pharmacy #bloomschemist #instore #stockist #ontheself #happydance #storemanager #ladystartup