The Iron Neck
A Smarter Way to Train the Neck & Core
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Iron Neck Renegade Rows. Really Radical Routine for Rugby. #Repost @tacklesmart . . . I would encourage people playing collision sports to incorporate as much neck strengthening into their training plan as possible. The best thing about using @theironneck is its versatility, which allows you to get creative in the gym! #rugby #strengthandconditioning #strengthtraining #rugbytraining #concussion #necktraining #neckstrength #ironneck
@lyle_henley on The Value of Tension & Isometric Creativity... . “If I'm cuing a guy to do a certain exercise and movement over and over and over, it's amazing how when we put them under tension and give them those cues, all of a sudden they hit home, and they get it right. There's something about putting them under tension where they can feel it.” . "Our strength and stability movements are testing time under tension. By adding Iron Neck in, it forces our players to hold their heads up. It makes it way more challenging and more importantly teaches them to get in the correct position through feedback they can feel.” . Henley’s approach to incorporating neck strengthening into various movements allows for some form of neck training to be done every day, and this increased frequency in neck training accomplishes more than just improving posture and movement. . Research has found that improved next strength can reduce the risk of sustaining concussions by reducing whiplash and rotational forces that are often left out of the player-safety conversation. . “Training the neck is the number one way for a strength and conditioning coach to help prevent concussions. The football game is so chaotic. You never really know where the next hit is coming from.” . “Our guys deliver, and they absorb hits better than they did in the past. I would 100 percent contribute that to the different movements we put our guys through under tension.”­­­ Read more at @theironneck
University of Alabama at Birmingham strength coach Lyle Henley shows how his creative approach to training prepares his athletes for battle on the field. Read more about his innovative training by visiting
Resurrecting a football program is no small task. For University of Alabama at Birmingham's Director of Sports Performance, Lyle Henley, a creative approach to training promises a bright future for the Blazers. A closer look at the road Henley has taken to get to this point reveals how he has developed his innovative training philosophy to best prepare his athletes for battle on the football field and for life beyond football. @lyle_henley @uab_fb Click link in bio or go to to read article.