The Human Trial
One research team. One stem cell line. A history-making trial that could change the course of medicine.
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"@DiabetesTrainingCamp is a life-changing experience & community for people with diabetes," says THT director @georgigoldman. "It’s the only place I’ve learned about the nitty gritty of exercise & diabetes, with advice from medical, exercise, nutrition, and mental skills experts; AND got to test it out IRL with immediate feedback.Whether you’re training for your 3rd Ironman, a 100-mile ultra-marathon, a cross-country motorcycle trip, or just starting an exercise program DTC will enable you to reach your goals & inspire you to set new ones. I went from being athletic to calling myself an athlete. It made me feel in control of body, which can be rare when you have T1D."
“Happy Father’s Day from a couple of super awesome diabetic dudes. Even though I’m the grown up one in the picture, my son has taught me so much about bravery and strength as he tackles his T1D like a seasoned pro, meeting every challenge head on. Extremely proud to be his dad. Much love and support to all the T1D dads and parents out there doing their best and making it work!" — Aj, THT’s Audio Mixer
"We either buy insulin or we die.” Powerful video from @nytimes explains that some people with T1D travel to Mexico to buy insulin on the black market. They do what is needed to stay alive. Full video: link in bio.
Did you know there are two congress members with diabetes? Reps @drkimschrier (D-Washington) and Daniel Lipinski (D-Illinois) feel their experience of living with a chronic condition gives them instant credibility with their colleagues when they tackle health care issues, including the skyrocketing cost of insulin. Read more at @healthline