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Flexible dieting doesn't have to be a drag. Enjoy your favorite foods in macro friendly meals the flexible dieting way.

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Oreo Birthday Cake Protein Dessert Crunch Wrap Recipe Video is LIVE on the YouTube Channel! Swipe right to see this beauty in action! - Tag your friend you need to make these with and you both will be entered to win a copy of the Best Selling FDL Book of Recipes 5.0! Yesterdays winner is @mr_bradbanks! Shoot me an email to [email protected] and we will get you your book! - And make sure to go check this recipe out! It’s a new spin on one of my most popular recipes of all time but even better!! Tweaked with the filling to make the perfect consistency that will BLOW YOUR MIND 😍 - Search “Flexible Dieting Lifestyle” on youtube and you’ll find the channel and it’s my latest post! Please subscribe and check out all the other cool recipes we have on there! Enjoy! - Hope you all my friends had an amazing Sunday! - Thanks and God Bless, - Zach - - #flexibledietinglifestyle #nutritionalfreedom
My @TraderJoes Favorites I get to every single time I go! - Tag your friend that loves Trader Joe’s! And let me know in the comments what your favorites from Trader Joe’s are! - It’s soo funny how I have certain things I get from certain grocery stores. I think we all do this! 😂 thinking of doing a series like this highlighting my favorites from each store. Should I do it!? Which store should I do next!? - But Trader Joe’s has unique products that I get every single time I go. Here they are! 👇🏻 - ✳️ Light Shredded Mozzarella. Is an absolutely game changer! Macros are 0g carbs, 3g Fat, 5g Protein per 28g (1oz) serving 🙌 - ✳️ 96/4 Lean Ground Beef. A staple in my diet. Don’t eat much chicken because I love red meat and the macros on this makes fitting burgers into your diet sooo easy. Only 4g Fat with 21g Protein per 4oz is insane 👌🏻 - ✳️ Uncured Turkey Bacon 🥓This stuff is insane! Soo much flavor and the macros are crazy good! 1.5g Fat and 6g Protein per Slice! - ✳️ Everything But The Bagel Seasoning. To be honest, I don’t think I need to explain anything about this one. It’s just a game changer! And if you’ve made my homemade low carb everything bagel recipe, you know 🙂 - ✳️ All the Peppers 😍 I love Trader Joe’s peppers! They are so flavorful and fresh. And they don’t break the bank! Super affordable 🙏 - ✳️ Sparkling Pineapple Water is sooooooooo good! @sdoods got me to try this one day and it’s a game changer! - And that’s it my friends! Hope you guys found some new products you can check out next time you are there! Let me know which ones I didn’t add that are your favorites! - Have an amazing rest of your Sunday! - Thanks and God Bless, - Zach - - #flexibledietinglifestyle #nutritionalfreedom
When you can’t decide if you want a Protein Cinnamon Roll or Protein Oreo Roll so you make both and split them with your bro @sdoods! - Tag your friend you’d smash these with and you and your friend will be entered to get a copy of the Brand New/Best Selling FDL Book of Recipes 5.0! - @jadenash20 you won the giveaway from last night! Shoot me an email to [email protected] and I will hook you up with your copy! - This recipe was true innovation! I’d never seen it done before so I had to make it happen in a BIG Way! - Macros for each with all the toppings: 341 Cals, 21g Carbs, 9g Fat, 44g Protein! - So don’t forget to enter! Trust me when I say this book is the best thing we’ve ever created. It is the result of the 5 years of cooking every single day to master 250+ recipes that’ll tackle any cheat craving you could ever have. I personally guarantee it 🙏 - And if you want to snag your copy now or just get a special sneak peak inside the book, tap that link in my bio and it will take your there 🙏🙌 - Love you all so much ❤️ - Thanks and God Bless, - Zach - - #flexibledietinglifestyle #nutritionalfreedom
Cosmic Brownie Cheesecake Protein Cookie Butter 😍😱 - Tag your friend you need to make this recipe with! You both will be entered to win a free copy of the now Best Selling FDL Book of Recipes 5.0! - The winner from the last giveaway is @laurendphillips! You the won previous giveaways of the FDL Book of Recipes 5.0 so email [email protected] to claim your prize!! - But forreal, this new flavor Protein Cookie Butter blew my mind!! Don’t worry everyone who has the 5.0! This will be sent out to those who have it on Sunday! And if you do not have your copy, this will be an exclusive recipe you’ll only get if you get it before Sunday! So please don’t miss out! - And with all these coooie butter recipes, we showed how to make 8.5 servings like this jar and also how to track each per 32g (2tbsp) serving like most peanut butter or spread is! And my rice cakes you guys see me put them on is 1-1.5 servings! - Macros for the Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie Butter (per 32g (2 Tbsp) serving): 61.2 Cals, 5.2g Carbs, 1.6g Fat, 6.5g Protein! - Insanity! So don’t forget to enter! Cookie Butter is currently saving lives for those who are dieting! So if you don’t want to wait, make sure to check out that link in my bio to get a special sneak peak inside the craving crushing book full of 250+ of my best macro friendly recipes of all time! - Thanks and God Bless, - Zach - - #flexibledietinglifestyle #nutritionalfreedom