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Intermittent Fasting Client Spotlight: Donna! And she just turned 50! I know! I can't believe she is 50!!! #50istheNew30!!! I'm so proud of her for finding intent. This allowed her to ditch her ego and do the right thing for her body. I know how scary it is to start eating more calories, especially because we slashed our calories in the first place to lose weight. Most people don't listen to me 🤷‍♀️, but Donna did. This is what I told Donna: The best action is not always the action with the greatest momentary reward. It’s the action that offers the greatest long term value. The goal is to maximize the sum of rewards in the long term. This means accepting where you are at right now and figuring out what you need to do next to maximize your potential for the greatest reward. I’m running a 50% OFF Black Friday sale for my Intermittent Fasting e-Book. Use code RAW50 … the link is in my @fatlossfastsystem bio. 😃 #BlackFriday #intermittentfasting
Paul is WINNING at life!!! Last year, Paul started implementing my sustainable approach to intermittent fasting. In January, he joined @mystrengthacademy to learn how to balance his nervous system with the principles of StrongFit. Clearly, this is working for him! Based on what I’ve seen with Paul, myself and other @officialteamss members, I am convinced that the secret to aging backwards is intermittent fasting and StrongFit. Gosh, this makes me excited! Hey Paul, thanks for believing in me, and for giving me the opportunity to work with you! “Today is my one year anniversary working with Sara and her @fatlossfastsystem to fuel my body, do resistance training to build muscle to lose fat. I can honestly say that it’s the simplest way to eat to help you feel full and rev up your metabolism to burn fat. Thank you Sara and #teamSS for everything!! Let’s see what the next year brings.” ~Paul Sarlis ✅ For my sustainable approach to intermittent fasting: @fatlossfastsystem ✅ For my approach to StrongFit training in the comfort of your own home: @mystrengthacademy #StrongFit1 #Bodybuildingcom #TeamBSN #BestSelf @Bodybuildingcom #teambodybuildingcom #intermittentfasting #transformationtuesday #BuildYourBody #fuelyourself #balancedarch
I’m so excited to brag about my gorgeous #TeamSS member, Kira! It has been such a pleasure watching Kira completely transform mentally and physically! “I’m becoming a better version of myself and I’m so much happier today. Every day I am moving towards my goals and taking care of my body. When you focus on how you feel, you will see the difference. I bought Sara’s Fat Loss Fast System and I am a member of her Strength Academy. Sara does an amazing job researching everything and helps me with learning what different nutrients do for my body. It’s great to have all the information in one place. In the Strength Academy, I’m learning how to use my body like a machine, and safely so I don’t have issues later in life because I did squats wrong for years”. ~ Kira ✅ For my diet: link in @fatlossfastsystem bio. My e-Book, the Fat Loss Fast System, teaches reverse dieting, intermittent fasting and flexible dieting. I explain how and WHY I changed my approach from depriving myself to nourishing myself. ✅ For my training: link in @drsarasolomon bio. My online @mystrengthacademy teaches you how to move well so that you can become a strong badass. You will learn about the StrongFit principles of breathing and torque, and how it impacts the way you move. Prepare to get strong! #Bodybuildingcom #TeamBSN #BestSelf @Bodybuildingcom #teambodybuildingcom #intermittentfasting #transformationtuesday #buildyourbody
⚠️ If you aren’t eating enough calories then read this! GAINING WEIGHT IS COOL! “You helped me create a better relationship with my body and with food, and I feel so much more FREE at a heavier weight than I ever did at a lower weight. I have a much better perspective, and I’m much more grounded mentally. Now I can say “gaining weight is cool!” Thank you Sara and TeamSS!!!” ~ Jen Bersabal-Bryars ✅ If you are ready to Stop Dieting, and you know you aren’t eating enough calories, then I can help you! I can teach you a sustainable approach to nutrition. Join my fit family, #TeamSS by picking up your copy of my Fat Loss Fast e-Book by clicking the link in my @fatlossfastsystem bio. #Bodybuildingcom #TeamBSN #BestSelf @Bodybuildingcom #teambodybuildingcom #intermittentfasting #transformationtuesday #buildyourbody #gainingweightiscool