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I’ll spare you my gut microbiome blood bath of a rant, but I want to hear your thoughts on this topic! #guthealth #gutbacteria #gutmicrobiome #artificialsweeteners #eatrealfood #dolcediet #dietitian #registereddietitian #rd
🌟Vulnerable post ahead! 🏊‍♂️ I don’t share much with many people about myself, and even less on social media, which is exactly why I am sharing today! When I make myself purposely uncomfortable and reach out, it’s always a great lesson in growth. I promised on the Mike Dolce podcast I would swim again 90 days ago, so here I am! Competitive swimming was my life and identity for 13 years and I haven’t been in a pool to swim laps since 2008. I have been afraid I will be disappointed that I am not as fast anymore, or that I won’t be able to do what I was used to. I am going to let go today that I will swim *just* a mile, which used to be a warm-up for me. I am going to let myself get emotional about all of the memories I have attached to being back in the water and start over as a white belt swimmer today. It’s taken me a really long time to allow this back into my life and I am excited for whatever happens!
Just hanging out with my best friend @rondarousey at the #DDC. What’s that Ronda? You love being my best friend too!? We’re so cute together! #dolcediet #noshame #bestfriends
Aww man, Mike still refuses to acknowledge the front of my face. *sigh* Please listen to this video of the back of my head. #dolcediet #dolcedietcertified #sadface #eatrealfood